29 May 2015

Five Faith Facts about Rick Santorum: Church-State Separation Makes Him Want to ‘Throw Up’ 29MAI15

rick santorum makes me want to throw up. He spews hate, he lies, he deceives and politically he turns his back on the least among us, something Christ never did and teaches us not to do. He works to change the U.S. to a theocratic plutocracy.   From +Sojourners , follow by some wise words from Dietrich Bonhoeffer .....

Five Faith Facts about Rick Santorum: Church-State Separation Makes Him Want to ‘Throw Up’

He won 11 primaries in 2012 with his devoutly Catholic, homeschooling-dad culture-warrior campaign. On May 27, he declared for the 2016 race with his traditionalist moral views freshly sharpened.
U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum after formally declaring his candidacy on May 27, 2015.
U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum after formally declaring his candidacy on May 27, 2015. Image via RNS/REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Here are five faith facts about Santorum:
1. He’s opposed to abortion, same-sex marriage, and the teaching of evolution
Santorum served in the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, where he staked out positions opposing abortion, same-sex marriage, and the teaching of evolution. The breakdown of the traditional man-woman family is America’s most urgent problem, he told the Homeschool Iowa Capitol Day Forum in April.
2. He would not attend a same-sex wedding
Pope Francis may say, “Who am I to judge?,” but not Santorum. A Daily Beast writer called him “a few Knights Templar short of a holy war,” highlighting comments such as Santorum’s view that contraception is “dangerous” because it offers “license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”
In an April interview, he told radio host Hugh Hewitt, “As a person of my faith, (attending a same-sex wedding) would be something that would be a violation of my faith. I would love them and support them but I would not be a participant in that ceremony.”
3. He appeals to evangelicals
He can talk the talk with evangelicals who want to see politicians spell out the ties between their personal faith and their actions. Catholic traditionalist Robert P. George told Religion News Service that Santorum is one of the few Catholic Republicans who has “figured it out.” Santorum had the endorsement of traditionalists at for his “unified moral and economic vision,” according to the National Review. But a New York Times look at exit polls in the 2012 primaries showed Santorum lost the Catholic vote to Mitt Romney by significant margins in 10 of 12 states where pollsters asked about religion. It also found that more than 40 percent of Catholic voters didn’t even know Santorum is Catholic.
4. He’s not a fan of church-state separation
The concept of separation of church and state — at least as expressed when Catholic John F. Kennedy addressed Baptist ministers in the 1960 presidential election campaign — makes Santorum “want to throw up.” In 2012 he told George Stephanopoulos, “I don’t believe in an America where the separation of church and state is absolute,” and Santorum called that notion “antithetical” to the vision of our country.
Also antithetical: liberals. He told the Spartanburg Herald-Journal that the American left “hates Christendom.”  According to ABC News, he also told a South Carolina town hall that the national ideal “is rooted in the Christian ideal — in the Judeo-Christian concept of the person” and not in any Eastern faiths or philosophies.
5. He works for a Christian movie distributor
Santorum has a culture warrior day job. In the wake of his failed 2012 campaign, he found another way to “impact people’s lives” — he’s the CEO of Christian movie distributor EchoLight. It produces and distributes Christian family movies directly to hundreds of U.S. churches. Santorum told the National Journal: “I think culture is upstream from politics, and maybe it’s important to get involved in the upstream and see what the impact can be to the country generally as a result.”
Cathy Lynn Grossman is a senior national correspondent for Religion News Service, specializing in stories drawn from research and statistics on religion, spirituality and ethics, and manager for social media. Via RNS.
voice of the day

Those who love their dream of a Christian community more than they love the Christian community itself become destroyers of that Christian community even though their personal intentions may be ever so honest, earnest, and sacrificial.

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer 


Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got.

-Janis Joplin

The Thundering Failure of the Democrats 28MAI15

MOST, if not all of the members of the george w bush administration are guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. I dream of the days they will be arrested, tried and punished for their crimes. Corrupt politicians in the obama administration and U.S. congress will never allow justice in these cases but there is a higher power, and unless these criminals have made things right with God they will be held accountable. From +Daily Kos .....

The Thundering Failure of the Democrats

I'm a Tom Joad democrat, a prison reform democrat, an anti-poverty democrat and a pro-justice democrat - so the party left me a long time ago...and they never looked back as they went chasing after the fat checkbook crowd. The few indisputably good things the party has done, such as the war on poverty and support for the civil rights movement, recede into the distant past as a brave new world emerges in which we are left to wonder just what IS the difference between neocons and neolibs, and whether democrats bombing the world in an unending war orgy is any better than repubs doing the exact same thing. The Military Industrial Complex is an evil piece of work and the same can be said about anyone who supports it. All the fear mongering, hate and bullshit in the world cannot change that simple fact.
Democrats (not all of them of course, but enough of them) enabled the Bush administration in some of the worst crimes against humanity in modern history: the illegal invasion of Iraq, the shameful atrocities at Abu Ghraib, Bagram, Guantanamo and elsewhere, kidnappings, torture, murders, assassinations, double-taps such as that shown in the Chelsea Manning video and on and on.
Every single one of the thousands of Americans who stooped to the torture of their fellow human beings got a pass, except the guy who reported it. He (John Kiriakou), and only he, went to prison.
These crimes are well documented. Even though the CIA illegally and outrageously destroyed video evidence and have told a million shameless lies to try to cover it up – everybody knows what they did – what WE did. Everybody knows that the United States stooped to the lowest and most disgusting forms of human behavior - that we committed outrageous crimes against humanity. And that we stand in denial and have done absolutely nothing to atone for it. It is obvious to everyone that we are utterly without honor or human decency.
These crimes will never be forgotten and pretending like they never happened is an insult to the whole world – and a shameful doubling-down on our complicity. We correct these wrongs or we own them.
The outrageous failure to prosecute the criminals in the Bush administration is a stain on democracy and makes the USA, as a whole, and both parties in particular, complicit in the Bush administration's crimes. And if we in the rank and file of either party put up with this horrendously low standard of behavior, we're complicit too.
My judgment is especially harsh for the Democratic Party because the whole world looked to them for justice and were denied. Justice is what we owed the world. JUSTICE!
The prospect of a Republican freak out is no excuse for Democrats not pursuing justice. We're always crowing about what a great nation we are – but we can't even manage to bring our own worst and most public in-your-face criminals to justice.
This is not political, it's criminal. They stole trillions of dollars from the U.S. Treasury and lied us into invading what they knew damned well was the wrong country costing hundreds of thousands of lives, creating untold human misery and creating ISIS and a global jihad. And they did it on purpose so they could have their precious forever war and a Military Industrial Complex wet dream. And they only got away with it because the Democratic Party enabled them, aided and abetted them and then let them slide. All for filthy lucre. What could be more shameful?
There is no moral high ground left for us, we've pissed it all away. We stand before the world naked in our hypocrisy. Torturers, thieves, bullies, murderers - not exactly the legacy most of us hoped for.
In the long list of people, things or entities that have let us down over the past couple of decades, the Democratic Party is, sadly, right up there with the best of them. And if we as dems don't face it, we'll never change anything for the better.
Unpunished thieves and war criminals are still an albatross around our nation's neck. Ask your candidate what they are going to do about that.

Originally posted to One Pissed Off Liberal on Thu May 28, 2015 at 09:39 AM PDT.

Also republished by Group W: Resisting War.


BIGOTS really are stupid people. This and more from +Daily Kos ......

Director of the National Spelling Bee nails it when dealing with bigot

The 88th Scripps National Spelling Bee has now come and gone and, just like the 87th last year, ended in a two-way tie. And, just like last year (as well as many other recent years), the champions have come from Indian ancestry. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with a certain segment of society, the members of which have made their unhappiness known in predictable social media rants. Apparently, at least one of them has also made it known to Paige Kimble, spelling bee director. Her response, however, was perfect in its simplicity:
The domination of the bee by Indian American spellers over the past 15 years has created some backlash, including an ugly outburst of racial insults on social media last year. Paige Kimble, the longtime director of the bee, said that she was approached Thursday and asked whether any “Americans” made it to the finals. “ ‘Yes, they’re all Americans,’ I told them,” Kimble said. “We obviously still have a long way to go.”
Oops, that's right. They are all Americans. Actually, there are a few contestants from outside the U.S., but that is irrelevant to the story of this years winners, as one hails from Olathe, Kansas and the other from Chesterfield, Missouri. The distinction is likely lost on our poor bigot anyway. The only thing I might add to that is that if you don't like the fact that children of Indian, or Chinese, or Japanese, or Korean, or whatever other heritage are outperforming those of your own, maybe instead of directing your frustration at the children or their families, you might try directing it at the elected officials who are responsible for overseeing the performance of your own school. Oh, and maybe do your own part while you're at it, if you happen to have children in that school.


13 March 2015

This NRA Tweet Is So Tasteless and Awful That It Makes Me Want to Vomit 5MAR15

THE nra shows again how low they are willing to go. This from +Mother Jones after the quote by old time, sane, logical nra president Karl Frederick......
| Thu Mar. 5, 2015 8:10 PM EST

Good afternoon.
How are you? How are you feeling? Are you feeling good? Are you, by chance, feeling too good? Are you flying too high on borrowed wings? Maybe you need a bit of a punch in the stomach to bring you back down to Earth and remind you that in life there are hills and valleys; that this vacation on Creation is, well, not all champagne and strawberries. I guess what I'm asking is, would you like to feel nauseous? You look to me like you might like to feel nauseous. C'mon! A little nausea never hurt anyone! It builds character!
Let's get nauseous!
This comes via the New York Daily News, which doesn't mince words:
Hitting a new low in its disgusting war against gun laws, the National Rifle Association on Thursday went after Gabby Giffords with a personal attack mocking her 2011 shooting dismissively.
Have a nice day.

Daily Kos Recommended 13MAR15

He actually stoned her, and the MLB continues to do nothing about domestic violence 12MAR15

WHAT a pathetic excuse for a man, and what a disgrace for the MLB to tolerate domestic abuse. To be blunt, if you don't sign this petition you must think domestic violence is OK. From UltraViolet

Professional baseball player Tanner Rahier was arrested on Saturday for assaulting his girlfriend by throwing rocks at her, knocking her unconscious.1 It's a horrific story of clear, uncontested abuse, but Major League Baseball (MLB) might look the other way and sign him to the big leagues if we don't speak out. In 25 years, Major League Baseball hasn't sanctioned a single player for domestic violence--making its record on abuse worse than the NFL's.2
The NBA and NHL have removed players who committed domestic violence, and the NFL has even rolled out a sweeping new policy to make sure that abusers don't play. With the news about this latest violent attack, the MLB is under a spotlight in the press. If enough of us speak out quickly, we can generate pressure to force the MLB to finally take a stand against domestic violence. Will you add your name?
 Tell the MLB: "Take domestic violence seriously. Enact a policy to prohibit teams from recruiting players with a record of abuse, and suspend players arrested for assault." 
Sign the petition
Despite the fact that dozens of players have been charged with domestic abuse, the MLB has repeatedly failed to act. From a player who assaulted his wife in front of witnesses and was the starting pitcher for his team the very next day, to a player who pled guilty to punching his pregnant wife and started for the Colorado Rockies on opening day that year, the MLB has looked the other way when it comes to domestic violence.3

The MLB severely punishes players for violations such as taking performance enhancing drugs--players like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, and Alex Rodriguez have been suspended or banned from the sport all together.4 But players who've committed reprehensible acts of domestic violence like Julio Lugo, Pedro Astacio, Dante Bichette, Wilfredo Cordero or Andruw Jones keep playing without repercussions.5 Much like the NFL, which until last year took drug use more seriously than domestic violence, the MLB is far more concerned by what players put in their own bodies than the harm they do to others--and it's time for that to change.
Domestic violence is a major problem in this country--1 in 4 women in the US will be abused by a partner.6 Professional athletes are admired and help up as role models, and a position on a major league team is a lucrative, coveted job. Women can't afford to have a major cultural institution like the MLB celebrating and promoting abusers like Rahier.
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Gabriela, Holly, Kaili, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Clarise, Anathea, Megan, Audine, and Ryan, the UltraViolet team

1. Reds minor leaguer accused of hitting girlfriend with rock, USA Today, March 10, 2015

2. MLB's record on domestic violence worse than NFL's, SB Nation, July 28, 2014
3. Ibid.
4. MLB players banned for drug violations, CBS News, retrieved March 11, 2015
5. It's time for MLB to follow the NFL's lead on new domestic violence punishments, Yahoo! Sports, September 10, 2014
6. 30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics that Remind Us It's An Epidemic, Huffington Post, October 23, 2014

Want to support our work? UltraViolet is funded by members like you, and our tiny staff ensures small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.

TAKE ACTION: Stop a dangerous chemical law & WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW CAN KILL YOU 12MAR15

BIG SURPRISE here, eh? prc china sending falsified poisoned products to the U.S. and the american chemistry council lobbying the US Congress to protect their members profit margins by legalizing the poisoning of the American public. If you don't think this problem is real, check out the links on this post from +Earthjustice and this recent broadcast from +60 Minutes , then click the link and and contact your Senators.......
Earthjustice - Take Action Today
TAKE ACTION! Stop a dangerous chemical law Take Action
A woman examines a product in a store. (Art Allianz / Shutterstock)
A new Senate bill would fail to protect us from toxic chemicals.

Tell your senators to oppose this dangerous bill now.
Earlier this week, the chemical industry got exactly what it wanted—again. A new Senate bill was introduced that would not only fail to protect us from dangerous chemicals but also restrain state governments from taking action.
Chemical companies have spent millions lobbying for a free pass to continue putting Americans at risk from chemicals like flame retardants, formaldehyde in flooring, asbestos in dozens of products, and thousands of other chemicals that contaminate our air, water, food, and everyday products.
Earthjustice has been fighting in court and on Capitol Hill for stronger protections from dangerous chemicals like these. But today, we need your help.
It’s been nearly 40 years since we passed the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the country’s main chemical safety law. Not only is it outdated, it’s extremely weak.
TSCA doesn’t even require that chemicals be tested for health effects prior to their release. Over time, many states have enacted their own chemical regulations to fill the void.
And now, the bill just proposed in the Senate—deceitfully guised as “reform”—would undercut state laws that have proven effective in protecting American families from toxic chemicals.
Thank you for your help,
Staff photo
Andrea Delgado
Legislative Representative
Take Action
©2015 Earthjustice | 50 California Street, Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94111 | 415-217-2000 |

Lumber Liquidators linked to health and safety violations

"Lumber Liquidators" update

Anderson Cooper gives an update to the March 1, 2015, 60 Minutes report "Lumber Liquidators"
Last week, 60 Minutes reported on high levels of formaldehyde found in tested samples of laminate flooring made in China and sold by Lumber Liquidators.
After the story aired, the Consumer Products Safety Commission requested the results of the tests 60 Minutes commissioned on that flooring, which we provided. We have also been flooded with mail from viewers concerned about their own laminate floors.
The California Air Resources Board has updated information for consumers. Please find that information by following this link:

The chemical industry's attack against a key cancer report is just one of its attempts to keep information out of the public eye.

What's clear, colorless and may cause cancer?

If it were up to the chemical industry, you might never know that the answer is styrene. It doesn't matter that it's found in thousands of consumer products like fiberglass and food containers, or that you
smell it every time you open a fresh can of paint. Or, that the international scientific community has long agreed that styrene causes cancer in mice and increases the risk of leukemia and lymphoma in workers.
For years, the chemical industry, led largely by the American Chemistry Council, has succeeded in keeping health and safety information about toxic chemicals like styrene out of the public eye. We know little about the health and environmental effects of approximately 78,000 chemicals on the market—thanks in large part to industry lobbying and a broken chemical law known as the Toxic Substances Control Act. Even if we do know that a chemical is toxic, we can't avoid it because companies often don't have to disclose their products' ingredients.
What little information the public does receive is usually provided by government or through significant legal or public pressure by organizations like Earthjustice that believe the public has a right to know what's lurking in their environments and in their bodies. On behalf of national and regional groups, Earthjustice has filed a range of petitions and lawsuits calling for better disclosure and regulation on chemicals found in oil dispersants, household cleaners and pesticides.

Styrene can be found in thousands of consumer products, including fiberglass, food containers, and paint.
Jon Hayes

Earthjustice's work on styrene began two summers ago after the Department of Health and Human Services listed styrene as "reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen" for the first time in its biannual Report on Carcinogens (RoC).
On the heels of the announcement, the chemical industry pulled out its well-worn playbook on silencing chemical information: cherry-pick data to cast doubt on a scientific conclusion, file a lawsuit, call on your friends in Washington for backup, and repeat.
As the chemical industry knows all too well, if you throw enough mud at the wall, something is bound to stick. Even when there are hundreds of studies pointing to one conclusion, at least one study, no matter how inconclusive or biased, will point in the opposite direction. That one study is all the industry needs to argue for a delay in banning its product, even as evidence of harm stacks up.
As a result, regulators are paralyzed by never-ending review, while workers and consumers are stuck with a system that fails to regulate even chemicals as cancerous as dioxins and asbestos. Meanwhile, people exposed to the chemicals in question become real-life guinea pigs for the chemical industry.
"We don't want to wait until we have exposed enough people to a chemical in order to prove that it's carcinogenic," says Dr. Lynn Goldman, dean of the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services and a member of the National Research Council Report Review Committee. "When we hit that point, we have hit a failure in the regulatory process."
In the case of styrene, a flammable liquid that's derived from fossil fuels, the chemical industry threw the first fistful of mud during the report's creation. It repeatedly argued that the styrene assessments were flawed—a claim that was rejected outright by external reviewers that voted for the carcinogen listing. Two of those reviewers even felt that styrene should be listed as a "known," rather than a "reasonably anticipated" human carcinogen.
Second, the styrene industry sued the government to keep it from listing styrene as potentially cancerous. Earthjustice, representing public health advocates and the United Steelworkers whose members include styrene-exposed workers, quickly came to the government's defense in court.
While the industry went to court, its lobbyists were busy working the Hill. According to federal lobbying data, the Styrene Information and Research Council doubled its lobbying expenditures to $570,000 in 2011. Also in 2011, the American Chemistry Council spent $10 million on lobbying against issues like chemical regulation reform.
The investment paid off.
In December of that same year, the chemical industry successfully convinced industry-friendly legislators to require a $1 million follow-up study on styrene, even though the RoC is already peer-reviewed and is drawn from peer-reviewed studies.
But it didn't stop there. Ultimately, the chemical industry wants to keep government from listing chemicals as carcinogens at all, so it successfully lobbied Congressman Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.), the chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor and Health and Human Services. In July 2012, he proposed a rider in the 2013 funding bill that cuts the budget for the RoC entirely until the follow-up study is completed, which could take up to five years.
The FY13 rider was like a love letter to the American Chemistry Council, which sent a similar request to Dept. of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius just two months prior. The letter was highly critical of the RoC, and it urged Sebelius to suspend development of the next report until the follow-up study was completed.
"We think that our members and everybody else deserves to be told the truth," says Michael Wright, Director of Health, Safety and Environment at United Steelworkers. "The truth, in the case of science, ought to be determined by scientists."
United Steelworkers, together with more than 70 physicians and occupational health experts, have spoken out against the chemical industry's actions because they rely heavily on consensus documents like the RoC to provide their patients and members with up-to-date information on chemical toxicity and workplace exposure. In the case of styrene, the goal is not to shut down the industry, says Wright, but to ensure that workers are aware of styrene's risks so that they can take the proper precautions.
"If styrene were taken off of the market, the workers who manufacture it could lose their jobs," says Wright. "Our basic philosophy is, if a material has a social value, the job is to use it safely."
Over the past few years, the idea that people have a right to know about hazardous chemicals has spread from hospitals and union meetings to water coolers and mommy blogs across the country. Thanks to increased media attention and research on toxic chemicals, people are becoming more aware of their chemical body burden every day. And, they're reacting to this increased awareness by seeking out safer alternatives to toxic chemicals—a phenomenon known as "product de-selection" that the chemical industry has long feared.
Today, many states and even some companies like Wal-Mart have responded to this consumer demand by phasing out toxic chemicals like bisphenol A, which has been linked to behavioral and physical changes in infants and children. In the summer of 2011, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee took a step further by voting in favor of the Safe Chemicals Act, a landmark bill that strengthens federal chemical regulation by requiring manufacturers to prove their chemicals are safe in order to put them on the shelf. The bill is backed by a growing list of consumers, health professionals, small business owners and even the Government Accountability Office—the investigative arm of Congress—that want reform.
Though a pivotal first step, the Safe Chemicals Act must go up against the chemical industry and its legislative allies before it can become law. Currently, the bill lacks any Republican co-sponsors.
"This fight is about safeguarding all Americans from toxic chemicals and ensuring that workers and vulnerable populations who face disproportionate exposure are protected," says Andrea Delgado, legislative representative at Earthjustice, who is working with a national coalition to reform chemical regulation called Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families.
"The chemical industry wants to protect the market for their products, undermining science at the expense of public health. But we can't wait for the bodies to fall before we start taking dangerous chemicals off of the market."
"This case is about the public's right to have scientifically sound information about toxic chemicals...
If the government can't successfully list styrene, even with all of this evidence pointing to its cancer-causing properties, then we are really in a bad place in terms of keeping the public safe from toxic chemicals."
Marianne Engelman Lado
Earthjustice Attorney

12 March 2015


A [person] will be imprisoned in a room with a door that's unlocked and opens inwards; as long as it does not occur to [that person] to pull rather than push.

-Ludwig Wittgenstein

23 January 2015

Sarah Palin Poses With "Fuck You Michael Moore" Poster At Las Vegas Gun Show 23JAN15

SPEAKING of classy Christians and their testimony, consider this by sarah palin, darling of the American religious right.....

Sarah Palin Poses With "Fuck You Michael Moore" Poster At Las Vegas Gun Show

Remember when Palin got blasted for placing gun-sight symbols on a map of targeted Democrats during the 2010 midterms? Palin doesn't.