20 September 2022

SOJOURNERS VERSE & VOICE & Video appears to undercut Trump elector’s account of alleged voting-data breach in Georgia 20SEP22

Verse and Voice
More of the ongoing deception and lies from the drumpf / trump camp, they have no problem stacking lies on top of lies, even when they have been caught lying. From Sojourners and the Washington Post.....

Verse of the day

These are the things that you shall do: Speak the truth to one another, render in your gates judgments that are true and make for peace.

- Zechariah 8:16
Voice of the day

In this life I have worshipped so many lies. / Then I workshop them, make them better.

- Sally Wen Mao, Occidentalism
Prayer of the day

God of truth, it is tempting to worship and workshop lies; may we instead fiercely commit to speaking truth.

Video appears to undercut Trump elector’s account o alleged voting-data breach in Georgia

By Jon Swaine and Emma Brown 
Updated September 20, 2022 at 1:04 a.m. EDT|Published September 20, 2022 at 12:00 a.m. EDT

On Jan. 7, 2021, a group of forensics experts working for lawyers allied with President Donald Trump spent eight hours at a county elections office in southern Georgia, copying sensitive software and data from its voting machines.

Under questioning last month for a civil lawsuit, a former Georgia Republican Party official named Cathy Latham said in sworn testimony that she briefly stopped by the office in Coffee County that afternoon. She said she stayed in the foyer and spoke with a junior official about an unrelated matter at the front desk.

“I didn’t go into the office,” Latham said, according to a transcript of her deposition filed in court. She said she had seen in passing a pro-Trump businessman who was working with the experts. She said they chatted for “five minutes at most” — she could not remember the topic — and she left soon after for an early dinner with her husband.

Surveillance video footage reviewed by The Washington Post shows that Latham visited the elections office twice that day, staying for more than four hours in total. She greeted the businessman, Scott Hall, when he arrived and led him into a back area to meet the experts and local officials, the video shows. Over the course of the day, it shows, she moved in and out of an area where the experts from the data forensics firm, SullivanStrickler, were working, a part of that building that was not visible to the surveillance camera.

She took a selfie with one of the forensics experts before heading out at 6:19 p.m.

A Post examination found that elements of the account Latham gave in her deposition on the events of Jan. 6 and 7, 2021, appear to diverge from the footage and other evidence, including depositions and text messages. Many of those records, including Latham’s Aug. 8 deposition, were filed in a long-running federal civil court case involving election security in Georgia.

During the 2020 election and its aftermath, Latham was a member of the Georgia Republican Party’s executive committee and sat on its election confidence task force. She was also chairwoman of the Coffee County Republican Party. She was one of the “fake electors” who signed unauthorized certificates in a bid to keep Trump in power after his 2020 election defeat.

In response to questions from The Post, Latham’s lawyers said, “Failing to accurately remember the details of events from almost two years ago is not lying.” They have said she did not take part in the copying or in anything improper or illegal.

Her attorneys Robert D. Cheeley and Holly A. Pierson wrote in a court filing last week that the alleged security breach was “actually less of a breach or criminal undertaking and more of a permissible exercise of the County Elections Board’s authority.”

They wrote that “the parties involved plainly believed that they had the authority to authorize it and the authority to do it, and that belief seems to be at least reasonable and likely accurate, which negates any possible criminal intent.”

The surveillance footage shows that Latham appeared to introduce the SullivanStrickler team to local officials when they arrived that day. She then watched as they began looking at county voting equipment, it shows.

Coffee County, Ga. GOP Chairwoman Cathy Latham and digital forensics experts hired by lawyers allied with former president Trump on Jan. 7, 2021. (Video: Obtained by The Washington Post)

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation and a grand jury in Atlanta are probing the incident in Coffee County, a Republican stronghold about 200 miles south of Atlanta. Federal and state prosecutors are also investigating the “fake elector” scheme, in which Latham and dozens of other Republicans in battleground states signed certificates proclaiming Trump the rightful winner.

The Coffee County episode is one of several alleged breaches of voting equipment since the 2020 election. In each instance, Trump supporters — often with the help of like-minded local officials — sought access to voting equipment to hunt for evidence that the election was rigged.

Access to voting machines is typically tightly restricted, and some security analysts fear that such breaches — including the copying of voting software that is also used elsewhere — risk exposing the systems to hackers.

Details about what happened in Coffee County, including the surveillance video reviewed by The Post, have surfaced largely because of a lawsuit brought against Georgia by several voters and the nonprofit Coalition for Good Governance. The plaintiffs say the state’s voting system is unconstitutionally insecure, which state officials deny. The plaintiffs have subpoenaed documents and testimony from a number of individuals, including Latham.

Sidney Powell, the Trump-allied attorney who was billed for the work, has not directly responded to questions from The Post about Coffee County. “Prior reports of my involvement were seriously misrepresented,” she said in an email.

Records obtained by the plaintiffs show that Powell signed contracts for the forensics experts’ elections work. The SullivanStrickler team updated her by email on the work in Coffee County and billed her more than $26,000, according to the records.

Coffee County was among a handful of locations across the nation where Trump and his advisers pounced on minor errors or rumors of voting-machine irregularities in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election.

After Coffee County elections supervisor Misty Hampton discussed concerns about Dominion Voting Systems machines at a Nov. 10 elections board meeting, a Trump campaign staffer emailed her seeking information available under public records law. The county refused to certify its results after a statewide recount on Nov. 30, claiming that the machines showed inconsistent results. State investigators later concluded that the discrepancies had been caused by human error.

A local news outlet published a video that featured Hampton purporting to show how she could “flip” votes from one candidate to another. It went viral. Trump’s team later cited Coffee County in its campaign to stop Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s victory.

Obtained By The Washington Post: Cathy Latham, right, then the chairwoman of the Coffee County, Ga., Republican Party, takes a selfie with an employee of data forensics firm SullivanStrickler at the county elections office on Jan. 7, 2021. (Obtained By The Washington Post)

In her deposition, Latham said that some time between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Jan. 6, after she had worked a full day as a high school teacher — and as Trump supporters were attacking the U.S. Capitol — she received a call from Hall, the businessman.

Hall had been “looking into the election on behalf of the President,” Georgia GOP chairman David Shafer told Trump campaign officials on Nov. 20, 2020, in an email obtained by The Post. The email centered on problems with absentee ballots and did not mention Coffee County or voting machines.

In her deposition, Latham said Hall asked her to connect him to Hampton. She did not know why and did not ask, she said.

“Because that had been a hectic day. I hadn’t had any sleep, all the stuff had been happening, I had been getting phone calls left and right I was answering. I was tired, I wanted to go home,” Latham said. She said she then briefly telephoned Hampton to put her in touch with Hall.

“I would have called Misty and I said, ‘Well, let me give you his email,’” Latham said, adding: “I sent her the email. That’s all I remember doing.”

The new surveillance footage shows that Latham and Hampton were together inside the office during this time. Latham arrived at the office at 3:58 p.m. and had at least three phone calls between 4 p.m. and 4:40 p.m.

At 4:26 p.m., Hampton texted Eric Chaney, a member of the county elections board that employed her, records show. “Scott Hall is on the phone with Cathy about wanting to come scan our ballots from the general election like we talked about the other day,” she wrote.

Latham’s husband joined them at the office at 5 p.m., the footage shows, and later brought in takeout food. The Lathams and Hampton all left the office shortly before 7:40 p.m.

The following morning, Latham exchanged text messages with SullivanStrickler’s chief operations officer, Paul Maggio, as the team drove to Coffee County, records show, coordinating who would fetch Hall from the airport.

Latham also updated Hampton on the visitors’ movements.

“Team left Atlanta at 8. 5 members led by Paul Maggio. Scott is flying in,” Latham wrote Hampton in a text message at 9:26 a.m.

“Yay!!!!” Hampton replied.

In her deposition, Latham said she was just passing on information that Hall asked her to share with Hampton. She said she didn’t know why Maggio and Hall were coming to Coffee County.

Latham said she also worked a full day at Coffee High School on that day, Jan. 7, before briefly visiting the elections-office foyer after about 4 p.m., for reasons unrelated to SullivanStrickler’s work there.

Latham said she could see people behind the front desk but that she wasn’t paying attention to who they were and she remained on the other side of the partition. “There were people in there, and I get uncomfortable when there’s others,” she said.

External surveillance footage made public earlier this month showed that Latham arrived at the office at 11:37 a.m. that day. Three SullivanStrickler employees arrived at the elections office soon after. They were later joined by a fourth colleague. They intended to collect whatever data possible from the county’s voting machines, emails and billing records show.

Cheeley, Latham’s attorney, previously told The Post that Latham did not remember all the details of that day but testified truthfully. He said she did recall visiting the office after school “to check in on some voter review panels from the runoff election” that had been held for Georgia’s two U.S. Senate seats earlier that week.

Latham described herself to SullivanStrickler as an elections official, an executive from the company said during a deposition on behalf of the firm this month. A lawyer for Latham said something must have been taken out of context or misunderstood because Latham has never been a Coffee County election official and did not hold herself out as one.

Asked during her deposition whether the team met Chaney, the board member, Latham replied: “I have no idea.”

The new video shows that, after greeting SullivanStrickler’s team, Latham led them into a central area behind the public counter and appeared to introduce them to Chaney and Hampton.

Hampton, Chaney and Hall did not respond to messages seeking comment.

At about 12:30 p.m., Latham joined Maggio, Hall and Hampton as they appeared to examine a large piece of equipment in the central area. At one point, she bent down and touched it. Then, as Maggio began examining electronic “poll pads,” which are used to check in voters at polling locations, Latham took a seat directly across from him and watched, the video shows.

In her deposition, Latham said she left the office before Hall and did not see him depart. The video shows that Hall shook Latham’s hand on his way out shortly before 5 p.m., and that Latham stayed more than an hour longer.

In an email filed to court last month, SullivanStrickler’s lawyers said Latham was “a primary point of contact in coordinating and facilitating” the firm’s work in Coffee County, adding: “Ms. Latham was on-site in the Coffee County elections office that day while the work was performed.”

In the deposition on behalf of the firm, the company executive said Hampton, the elections supervisor, had directed the majority of the team’s work. But “Cathy Latham also provided direction on what was required for collection,” he said, according to a transcript the plaintiffs provided to The Post.

SullivanStrickler believed it had been given proper authorization to make “forensic images,” or exact copies, of the election equipment in Coffee County, the company executive said in his deposition. In a statement to The Post, a lawyer for SullivanStrickler said the firm and its employees were witnesses in the grand jury investigation. “We will continue to fully cooperate with law enforcement,” the lawyer wrote.

In May, when The Post first reported on claims that outsiders copied Coffee County’s central elections server and other election equipment, Chaney said he did not know Hall and was not aware of or present at the office “when anyone illegally accessed the server or the room in which it had contained.” He said he recalled “going by the office” and finding “people present unknown to me” who he believed to be associated with the secretary of state’s office.

The interior surveillance video shows Chaney was there throughout much of the day, talking with Hall and SullivanStrickler employees. Chaney was also there as Maggio used a cord to connect poll pads into his laptop, the video shows.

Questioned under oath in the election-security lawsuit, Chaney acknowledged that he went to the elections office on Jan. 7. He repeatedly cited his Fifth Amendment right in response to questions about the effort to copy voting data.

Peter Stevenson, Amy Gardner and Tom Hamburger contributed to this report.


 NOT only did the Buffalo Bills kick the LA Rams collective ass in LA on 8 SEP 22 (31 to 10) they wiped the field at Rich Stadium (highmark stadium) with the Tennessee Titans last night, 19 SEP 22 (41 to 7). Both these games were just fun to watch because Buffalo plays as a team, not centered on just one person. Rich Stadium ROCKED last night, and all of Western New York, Buffalo and the Niagara Frontier sense this is the year the Bills go to and win the Super Bowl!!!!! AND remember to keep Dane Jackson and his medical team for his complete healing of his injury during the Bills-Titans game.

"We're very grateful to be able to do this" | Bills rally together as a team in light of injuries

When addressing the media following the Bills' 41-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans, head coach Sean McDermott shared that there are things come up in life that are more important than football; that feeling was evident on Monday night.

As several players went down with injuries on both sides, including Bills CB Dane Jackson who had to be taken to the hospital with a neck injury, the raw emotion could be seen from both sides.

"It says a lot about the guys, how much they care about each other," McDermott added. "The game is important and trying to win a game is important, but there are bigger things, especially at that moment when your teammate's down there and just trying to care for him everywhere we could."

"There are a lot of guys on our team that have been going through things, and I'm real proud of the way that they got their mindset where it needed to be at least for three hours tonight because life is real. We're very grateful to be able to do this."

Bills step up as injuries mount

Heading into Monday night's game, the Bills were already without WR Gabe Davis (ankle), DT Tim Settle (calf), and DT Ed Oliver (ankle). And by the time the Bills sealed their 41-7 victory over the Titans, a handful of active players found themselves sidelined.

But the team rallied together to show support for these injured players, while also securing the win.

"It's really hard to win, especially when we've got some guys banged up coming into the game and real proud of the way the guys that filled in stepped up and that's what you have to do through the course of a season," McDermott said. "It's a journey. We lost Gabe on Saturday, and then (Khalil) Shakir steps in, Jake (Kumerow) steps in, and they raise their game and that's what you got to do through the course of the season."

WR Jake Kumerow was called upon in Davis' absence and he contributed with two receptions for 50 receiving yards, the second-highest total behind WR Stefon Diggs. Quarterback Josh Allen shared the team has trust in Kumerow and the QB proved that on a long 42-yard connection with the wide receiver that resulted in a first down.

"Jake made some really good plays for us tonight on third down, early on the game, it was huge," Allen said. "The long run obviously, going in there getting his nose dirty, blocking in the run game."

Early in the first quarter, center Mitch Morse left the field and was taken in for X-rays of his right elbow. Morse eventually returned to the field late in the second half, but Greg Van Roten stepped in at center while Morse was out.

"It just seemed like it was a new player every series, if you will, whether it was Van (Roten), stepping in when Mitch went down," McDermott said. "The thing I love about it is there's no hesitation. I look up and Van is already there, which is awesome."

Later in the first half, Jackson was taken off the field in an ambulance with a neck injury that he suffered on a hit. Once teammates saw him down, they were quick to leave the sideline to be by his side on the field. The team later announced that he will be getting a CT scan and an X-ray, but he has full movement in his extremities.

"It's tough especially because that's one of the guys," Diggs said. "We got a tight-knit group on this team. 30 is my guy. We share the same birthday, so that's my birthday twin. Praying for him. He's going to be alright; we got his back."

With Jackson unable to return, rookies Christian Benford and Kaiir Elam slid in at the two cornerback positions in his place.

"When Dane went down they were both out there, not the whole game, but kind of the rest of the second quarter there and then third, for the most part," McDermott said. "They really embrace that growth mindset. They're working to get better every day. They're coachable. They listen. And they not only listen to their coaches, but they listen to the veterans that are around them."

Injuries to Bills players carried into the second half when LB Matt Milano (stinger), DT Jordan Phillips (hamstring), and Micah Hyde (neck) all left the game early and did not return.

"Prayers going out to Dane and Micah and Big Phil and everybody who took a little tumble tonight," Allen said. "A lot of guys going down in this game and it's a physical game, so prayers up for those guys, and hopefully we can get them back soon."

Next game mindset

To go up 2-0 to start the season is big, especially when beating the defending Super Bowl champions and last year's top seed in the AFC. Bills players said they will enjoy Monday night's win before quickly moving on to their next opponent, the Miami Dolphins.

"Good complementary team win tonight," Allen said. "But anytime you beat a good team, it's hard to win in this league, so we'll enjoy this one and turn our focus to the Dolphins tomorrow."

The Bills are 2-0 heading into next week, but so are the Dolphins. The Bills know that their Week 3 opponent has been playing some good football in the first two weeks of the season, so they're preparing for them to do the same in less than a week.

"We've got a tough game coming up," McDermott said. "Six days, quick turnaround, a 2-0 team in the division down there. They look really strong right now."

In preparation for next Sunday, the team will turn to film from their performance against the Titans to clean up certain areas of the game so they're ready for the next challenge in facing the Dolphins.

"They got a good football team," Diggs said. "They always have a good defense, and that offense has come a long way. They got some real good pieces. They're explosive. It's definitely going to be another test for us. It's in the division, so we got to get a win."

Miller finally gets a real taste of Bills Mafia

LB Von Miller has been familiar with Bills Mafia for a long time, even before joining the team in the offseason. Before Monday night, Miller had played in Buffalo three times during the regular season, but never in a Bills uniform.

Miller shared that those times did not compare to Monday night's feeling of playing and this time, as a Buffalo Bill.

"You hear all the fans talking about, it's going to be crazy, and this and that," Miller said, "And our coaches telling us to make sure we get here early, they did not lie to us."

Miller had high expectations for the atmosphere of the home opener and the fans certainly delivered from kickoff to the final whistle of the night.

"It was loud, Bills Mafia," Miller said. "I'm just so appreciative to be here and we have to celebrate this one tonight. Bills Mafia is good at that, too."

Top 3 things we learned from Bills vs. Rams | Week 1 2022

1 – D-line dominates

There was a heavy investment in Buffalo's defensive line this past offseason. Not only did the Bills sign prized free agent Von Miller, but they also reeled in three big, athletic defensive tackles in DaQuan Jones, Jordan Phillips and Tim Settle. On Thursday night, they along with a trio of young edge rushers dominated the line of scrimmage and rendered the Rams' offense powerless.

In a game where perennial first team All-Pro Aaron Donald and Rams' big name free agent Bobby Wagner each logged a sack apiece, the Bills' defensive line racked up seven sacks and 15 quarterback hits as Matthew Stafford could not develop any rhythm in the passing game.

The seven sacks were the most ever recorded by the Bills in a season opener.

Von Miller and Jordan Phillips led the charge for Buffalo's pass rush. Miller had a pair of sacks with two quarterback hits, which now gives him 10 sacks in 10 career season openers. Meanwhile Phillips notched a sack and a half and three quarterback hits, marking the third multi-sack game in his career, all of which have come with the Bills.

Everybody balled out," said Miller. "We've got a great unit and we've got a great coaching staff as well. Coach (Leslie) Frazier, you know, Coach (Eric) Washington, they do a good job getting us ready to go. I think everybody on the line had a sack today and we had three interceptions. So, it was it was a great day."

2021 draft classmates Greg Rousseau and Boogie Basham logged a sack each. Basham also tipped a pass and then intercepted it for one of Buffalo's three takeaways on the night. And AJ Epenesa had one and a half sacks with four quarterback hits.

"You've got to be able to get there with four and we were able to do that," said head coach Sean McDermott of the pass rush putting heat on the quarterback. "So, I thought it was a great first game for those guys. I thought they did a great job in the run game and then to be able to get after the quarterback like we did down the stretch in particular in the second half I thought was effective"

The sack opportunities were created by Buffalo's ability to stop the run on first down. The Rams rushing attack managed just 52 yards on 18 carries for a 2.9 average.

"Our front four was absolutely just eating," said Jordan Poyer. "We knew on the back end if we just gave them an extra half second and get Stafford to blink, they were going to get there, so they did a hell of a job. Obviously, the addition of Von just makes that group so much better. Greg, Tim (Settle), Jordan Phillips all those men, they just work extremely hard at their craft, and it makes our job easier on the back end."

The Bills became the first team ever to not punt, record three interceptions and seven or more sacks in a single game.

2 – Davis and Diggs deliver back breaking plays

Three first-half turnovers were largely responsible for keeping the game close in the first half as both teams went to the locker room tied at 10. When Buffalo came out in the second half however, they were determined to regain their early 10-point lead and put the game away.

After staging an eight-play, 58-yard scoring drive capped by an Isaiah McKenzie seven-yard touchdown reception to go up 17-10, Josh Allen and Gabe Davis came out of a timeout on 3rd-and-7 on their next possession and hooked up for a 47-yard pass play to set up a first-and-goal situation at the Rams' six-yard line. Three plays later Josh Allen took a four-yard run into the end zone and suddenly the Bills were up two scores (24-10).

One possession later, Allen scrambled out of the pocket after drawing up a play on the fly in the huddle and ripped a 53-yard bomb to Stefon Diggs, who got behind Jalen Ramsey on the play and fell into the end zone for the last touchdown of the night to put the game away.

"We felt like their corners were really looking in at the quarterback and Diggs just ran a heck of a route," said Josh Allen. "The offensive line protected and just gave him a chance and he went there and made a play for us."

"I just did what Josh told me to do," said Diggs of the play. "He just told me to run. That actually wasn't even an original play. Josh sees a lot of things at the quarterback position that you might not see at the receiver position. So, one thing I learned is to listen to your quarterback."

The two plays by Davis and Diggs, who combined for 12 receptions for 210 yards and two touchdowns on the night, served as back breakers for the Rams, who never responded.

"It's great when there's a time to put a team away and they're putting the trust in you to make the play and you make it," said Davis. "There's nothing better than that. So, I was glad I was able to be put in that position."

3 – Allen spreads the wealth

The Bills offense had to be patient in the early stages of the game as the Los Angeles defense made certain not to give up any big plays. Josh Allen and the offensive unit stayed patient and took the underneath plays that the Rams were giving them. That patience paid off as they staged an opening nine-play, 75-yard touchdown drive to open the scoring.

As the game wore on Allen made frequent use of his backs with dump off passes to alleviate pressure and keep the offense in manageable down and distance. As a result, just about every receiving target on the roster got involved in the passing game.

Allen targeted seven different teammates in the game and had just five incompletions on 31 pass attempts. His 83.9 percent completion rate set a new single-game club record.

"We knew coming in we had to be efficient offensively," said McDermott. "In part because of what Aaron (Donald) does and how quickly he can get to your quarterback. So, if you hold the ball too long back there, he's going to show up or somebody else is going to show up. I just thought we did a good job taking what they gave us. Josh was very patient, and the receivers were running crisp routes."

Stefon Diggs was instrumental in converting some early third downs to keep drives alive. Allen targeted him a team-high six times in the first half for 62 yards, and it helped to create opportunities for the other members of the receiving corps.

"We've got a good five," said Diggs. "And we've even got some guys that are not even playing that also could contribute if we needed to. We've got some guys that can make a lot of plays. Isaiah Mackenzie stepped up. Jamison Crowder showed you what he could do. Gabe Davis continues to show you why he is one of the best wideouts around. But something that I look forward to as a receiver and as a leader on his team – I feel my job is to get things started. Get the quarterback comfortable opening up things for the other guys. And it's getting to the point where they get me open too, so all works hand in hand."

The efficiency was reflected in the team's 90 percent conversion rate on third down as they converted nine of their 10 opportunities in the game.

Top 3 things we learned from Bills vs. Titans | Week 2

1 – Diggs delivers

On a night when the Bills were without Gabe Davis due to an ankle injury, the onus was on Stefon Diggs to deliver in Buffalo's passing game.

No problem.

Diggs dominated from beginning, middle to the end of the game racking up a 12-catch, 148-yard performance that included matching a single-game career best with three touchdowns in Buffalo's lopsided 41-7 victory over Tennessee.

Facing a Titans secondary that was down a starting corner in Kristian Fulton, Diggs got an early start and never let up as he routinely gained separation leading to several easy completions for Josh Allen in the passing game.

"It felt good getting him the ball early and often," said Allen. "He did a great job of getting open, making plays, making some great catches. So, he is what he is. It's Stefon Diggs. We know he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, receiver in the game right now, and I trust him implicitly."

It began innocently enough with the first play from scrimmage as Allen hit Diggs on a short inside route for four yards. But as the game wore on Diggs was frequently running open on short routes, intermediate routes and deep routes.

"As a receiver, you want to be able to do everything, especially if you consider yourself a wide receiver one," said Diggs. "You've got to be everything for your quarterback. I've got a quarterback that can do everything. So, for me, I've just got to do my job. If I'm doing my job, I'm alright. Giving my quarterback that comfortable feel that safety blanket so he's out there not thinking too much just kind of kind of trusting that I'm going to be open. And I'll make a play for you."

Through the first half, Diggs pulled in receptions of eight, 16, nine, 15 and nine yards before pulling in a four-yard touchdown on an improbable throw on the back side of the play to put Buffalo up 17-7 at the half.

"It was fourth down and obviously, (I'm) not throwing the ball away there," said Allen. "I'm okay to extend the play, try to take a sack, if need be, but give somebody a chance there. And he just kind of got lost behind everybody. I was looking left; he came all the way right. I just kind of (spotted) him, and he did a great job of working to get open there. And he made the play for us."

Come the second half, Allen made three consecutive completions to Diggs with the last being a 46-yard touchdown pass as Diggs beat Tre Avery on an inside move to the end zone to balloon Buffalo's lead to 24-7 early in the third quarter.

But Diggs' night wasn't done. Two possessions later after an interception off a tipped pass by Jordan Poyer, Allen found Diggs one more time for a 14-yard touchdown catch on a quick slant to put the game away (34-7) with five minutes left in the third quarter.

The dominant performance against the Titans was not a first for Diggs. While it was his most productive performance against Tennessee, it was his third 100-yard receiving day against the Titans, with one coming with Buffalo in 2020 and the other with the Minnesota Vikings in 2016.

So, is there something about playing Tennessee for Buffalo's top wideout?

"Hopefully you could say that about a couple of teams but for me it's never personal for me, it's business for me," Diggs said. "The next team, they're in front of me, they're in my way with where I'm trying to go and what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to stack wins, but the next team is always the next team. But there's never any extra incentive when I play Tennessee. I like Tennessee, Nashville, hot chicken and all."

2 – Bills run 'D' up to the task

After Derrick Henry victimized the Bills in their 2021 matchup with a 143-yard and three touchdowns in a Titans three-point victory, Buffalo made him a primary focus on Monday night. Henry found rushing lanes minimal as the Bills run front consistently filled gaps and demonstrated sound tackling.

"Good game plan, players executed," said head coach Sean McDermott. "I thought it was good fundamental football. I thought we were a little maybe erratic early and we settled in and started playing fundamentally strong football. We still need to add some discipline into what we do there."

Henry had 13 carries for just 25 yards averaging just 1.9 yards per carry. It was Henry's lowest yardage output in a game since Oct. 14th, 2018, when he had 21 yards on seven carries. His longest run on Monday night went for just nine yards and five of his 13 carries went for a loss. Christian Benford, Tremaine Edmunds, Von Miller, Jordan Poyer and Greg Rousseau all registered tackles for loss on Henry.

Buffalo's effort was all the more impressive because they were down a pair of defensive tackles in Ed Oliver and Tim Settle. Their run front was seemingly unaffected as Jordan Phillips and DaQuan Jones were solid with steady play from practice squad call up Brandin Bryant on the interior.

"We just played our style of defense," said Von Miller. "We have so much respect for Derrick and that whole offense, the whole run game, the whole passing game with Ryan Tannehill, that we really didn't leave any 'T' uncrossed or any 'I' undotted. Coach (Leslie) Frazier, coach (Eric) Washington, Coach McDermott did a really good job of keeping everybody focused for this game. We knew they had a really, really tough team led by a really, really tough coach. We just kept playing our game and fortunately, we were able to come up with the win."

According to NextGen Stats, Derrick Henry's -2.6 rush yards over expectation was the worst rushing yards over expected per carry since the metric has been in existence (2018).

All told the Titans managed just 75 yards rushing on 27 carries for a 2.8 average.

3 – Buffalo dominates the turnover table

Coming off a Week 1 performance that saw the Bills turn the ball over four times and get three takeaways of their own, Buffalo was very opportunistic on Monday night.

The Bills forced four takeaways from the Titans with a pair of interceptions and two fumble recoveries.

The turnovers began on special teams midway through the third quarter when Titans punt returner Kyle Phillips muffed the punt and Tyrel Dodson swooped in to recover the loose ball at the Tennessee 20-yard line. Four plays later Tyler Bass put a field goal up and through from 37 yards to make it 27-7.

The second takeaway came off a double tipped pass from Ryan Tannehill. It was initially tipped by Tremaine Edmunds and then Micah Hyde before Jordan Poyer got his hands on it for his second interception in as many games this season. Buffalo turned that takeaway into a touchdown on a four-play scoring drive to make it 34-7.

"This is my sixth year in this defense," Poyer said. "Sixth year playing with some of the same guys that I played with and then obviously, the additions that we've added up front. I feel like going into year 10, I'm seeing the field a lot better, a lot more. Understanding how to study throughout the week, I understand my job description. And the game is slowing down a lot more. But at the same time, I want to continue to get better and help put our team in position to win football games by doing what I can."

For Poyer it was his 20th interception in a Bills uniform and the 22nd of his career. Joining him in the pick parade was LB Matt Milano, who made his first interception since the season opener against the Jets in 2020. Milano not only picked off Tannehill's pass but returned it 43 yards for a touchdown for the final points of the game in a 41-7 final.

"That's the real 5-8. That's the real 5-8," said Von Miller of Milano in reference to the jersey number he wore in Denver. "Matt Milano, he works so, so hard. Incredible player, man, and whenever you see guys have success like that, it's super cool."

"I've been telling Matt all week, all year, just to believe, man," said Poyer. "Just believe. And he finally believed, and he finally – he should have had two of them. A couple of us should have had two of them."

The final takeaway came when Titans backup QB Malik Willis fumbled on a carry over the left side that was recovered by Boogie Basham. It was Basham's second takeaway in as many games after he had an interception in Week 1.

By game's end Buffalo scored 17 points off turnovers to make the game a blowout. Buffalo's four takeaways now make them a plus-3 in turnover differential on the season.