CLASS WARFARE is being waged against the 99% by corporate democrats, repiglicans and tea-baggers with the goal of turning the United States into a Third World plutocracy. Here are links to articles and calls to action on these issues posted on my blog...

Flu Deaths Are the Latest Example of People Dying In America Simply Because They Can't Afford Medicine & This flu season has now reached pandemic levels (but it's not technically a pandemic) & Donald Trump wrongly suggests British don't love their health care system 11&9&8FEB18

SIGN THE PETITION: It's time for Congress to move on Medicare For All. 23JAN18SOCIAL SECURITY FUN FACTS / 

FEMA Will Be Helping Texas for Years. So Why Does Trump Have a Different Standard for Puerto Rico? & How the Pentagon Spun Hurricane Maria 12&13OKT17 / Graham-Cassidy Health Care Hearing Starts With Eruption Of Protests 25SEP17 / Trump's misleading claim on pre-existing protections in Graham-Cassidy 21SEP17 / Secret Recording Reveals GOP Lawmaker Freaking out About 'Going down with the Ship' for Trump 9JUN17 / LIST OF COUNTRIES WHO GAVE UP UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE BECAUSE IT WAS A DISASTER Freedom Caucus endorses Obamacare repeal compromise & House delays Obamacare vote, denying Trump 100-day win 26&27APR17 / Senate Narrowly Confirms Mulvaney As Trump's OMB Director & Senate Confirms Trump's Budget Nominee Mulvaney in a Close Vote 16FEB17 / Elizabeth Warren Breaks Down the Biggest Trump Scandal You Haven't Heard About 9FEB17

Paul Ryan Wants to Increase the Medicare Eligibility Age to 67 22JUN16

President Obama calls for expanding Social Security & Obama Urges Social Security Increase in Preview of Campaign Role 2&1JUN16 /

"I am dangerous for Wall Street."-BERNIE SANDERS 10MAR16LISTEN UP! IT'S NOT FREE STUFF & Senator Bernie Sanders on Democratic Socialism in the United States 2MAR16&19NOV15Simpson-Bowles anti-debt group (the can kicks back) is—pause to laugh—deeply in debt & Anti-debt group finds itself in red 13&12FEB14 / 50 billionaires received $11.3 million in farm welfare, could get more in new farm bill & Farm bill passes after three years of talks & Hemp, farm-raised fish, food labels and food stamps: What’s in the farm bill? 7NOV13 & 4FEB&29JAN14 / Pete Sessions Is A Shameless GOP Hypocrite. But That's Redundant! 6FEB14 / The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference—Read It Here 5FEB14  /VIDEO Watch Elizabeth Warren Slam the GOP for Blocking Unemployment Benefits 4FEB14 / Corporate 'Dems': cutting Social Security is path to electoral victory & Elizabeth Warren takes sides in Democratic feud GRAND BARGAIN=GRAND BETRAYAL 3&4DEZ13 /Elizabeth Warren takes sides in Democratic feud (and challenges third way) 4DEZ13