10 March 2016

"I am dangerous for Wall Street."-BERNIE SANDERS 10MAR16

THE bank-financial cabal on wall street, corporate welfare queens on wall street, are scared of Bernie Sanders, and they should be. They aren't afraid of Bernie for our sake, they are afraid because they know he will work to  take away corporate welfare, close tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share of the American social contract. Bernie will represent all of America, not just the 1%. The republican candidates are waging class warfare against us, and we are fighting back with Bernie!

Bernie Sanders for President

"And I am proud that the gentleman who is head of Goldman Sachs, now he didn't give me $225,000 for speaking fees. He said I was dangerous. And he is right, I am dangerous for Wall Street." - Bernie Sanders at tonight’s (9MAR16) debate