03 September 2015

The Most Important News from the Progressive Movement brought to you by the Agenda Project Action Fund 3SEP15

The Most Important News from the Progressive Movement brought to you by the Agenda Project Action Fund
WILL CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM GET A PODIUM IN THE DEBATE? - Potential Democratic presidential candidate and Top Wonk Lawrence Lessig has registered at 1% in the most recent PPP poll, if Lessig receives at least 1% in a total of three national polls within 6 weeks of the first Democratic Presidential Primary debate he will meet the minimum threshold needed to participate. He stated that he will formally declare his candidacy if he raises $1 million dollars by Labor Day and that he is already three-quarters of the way towards reaching that goal. You can learn more about Lessig’s campaign HERE.
ADDRESSING INEQUALITY IN FED POLICY - The Roosevelt Institute’s Chief Economist Joseph Stiglitz released an analysis on Federal Reserve policy and how it affects and contributes to inequality of income in the United States. Read the report HERE for Stiglitz’s argument and suggestions.
VIDEO CHALLENGE WINNER - Democracy for All has announced the first winner in their ‘$64K Democracy for All Video Challenge.’ Check out the video that won the first $1,000 prize and click here to learn how to join the contest.
MOVEON ON THE MOVE - MoveOn.Org debuted their latest #NoWarWithIran tactic with the unveiling of the “Schumer Mobile.” The Schumer Mobile is a mobile billboard that calls attention to Senator Schumer’s opposition to the Iran Deal by plastering his picture in a yearbook format alongside a superlative which reads “Most Likely to Start A War.” Check out the mobile tour locations.
KOCH BROTHERS POLLUTING MORE THAN ELECTIONS - This week, The Bridge Project has released a comprehensive look at how the Koch brothers have polluted Ohio with both their business and their politics. The 88 page report exposes the Koch brothers and their toxic effects on Ohio’s environment, workers, healthcare and economy.
APPLAUDING ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION IN PA - On August 31st, the Advancement Project celebrated the launch of Pennsylvania’s online voter registration system, Check out the new registration platform and find out why it is a victory for all citizens.
CENTER ON BUDGET AND POLICY PRIORITIES REPORT - The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities released a new analysis of the 2015 Social Security Trustee’s report which details what the report says about the current and projected financial status of the program.
ABORTION ACCESS TO LOW INCOME WOMEN PROTECTED - The Center for Reproductive Rights and  Planned Parenthood won a court ruling this week in the Alaska Superior Court, striking down both a Department of Health and Social Services regulation and state law that would have severely limited Medicaid coverage of abortions for low-income women.
LGBTQ VICTORY- The Southern Poverty Law Center succeed in securing the release of transgender inmate Ashley Diamond this week. The SPLC had recently presented a lawsuit to the Georgia Department of Corrections on behalf of Ashley, who had spent three years of being detained in an unsafe environment where she suffering from ongoing sexual assault.
… From the Wonk Wire...
Donald Trump and Campaign Finance Reform - Democracy 21’s President, Fred Wertheimer, writes about Trump’s take on campaign finance reform and how he, an abuser of the system, has taken no stance on changing it.
The Fearmongers Wage War vs $15Heather McGhee, President of the pro-democracy think tank Demos, wrote an Op-ed on the fast food industry and their use of propaganda to destroy the fight for $15.
Don’t Mess with Social Security - Dean Baker, the macroeconomist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, was featured in the Arizona Daily Star as a guest opinion on why we need Social Security.
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