28 October 2016


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+Democracy Now! has been providing the most extensive coverage of the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the dap / dakota access pipeline. There was a report on the +PBS NewsHour explaining the reason behind the protest , but the situation in N Dakota has escalated to a dangerous situation due to violence by dap employees and heavily militarized state and local police and sheriffs as well as N Dakota National Guard troops against the peaceful protesters at Sacred Stone and the other protest camps at the dap construction site. Democracy Now! anchor Amy Goodman was arrested while reporting on the protest at Sacred Stone after witnessing the use of attack dogs on protesters by employees of dap. is heading a campaign calling on the Obama administration to send US Justice Department observers to N. Dakota to monitor the situation and protect the protesters constitutional rights as well as ensure their safety. Click dakota access pipeline (below) for the reports and videos Democracy Now! has filed on the struggle to stop the dap. If you want information about the GoFundMe campaign for the Sacred Stone Camp of the Standing Rock Sioux see below.....


Democracy Now! coverage of resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline. If completed, the $3.8 billion pipeline would carry about 500,000 barrels of crude per day from North Dakota’s Bakken oilfield to Illinois. The project has faced months of resistance from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and members of nearly 100 more tribes from across the U.S. and Canada.

Hau we are the Inyan wakankagapi otip-Sacred Stone Camp from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.   We have partnership with the Oectc  Sakowin- Seven Council Fires, Indians and Cowboys and anyone who was to stand with us against the Dakota Access Pipeline. This pipeline will cross the Missouri River and Cannon Ball River which is the life line to many tribes and non native, when this pipeline leaks it will destroy the water and land.  Water is life ! So this pipeline is along the Missouri River and the KL pipeline was along the Ogall aquifer both are important to save.
We are asking for financial support for water-propane - food and blankets  for the camp.  This is a prayer camp movement to save our sacred land and water and has been entirely supported by the people and the campers. We are in great appreciation for all you contributions....Wopila lila tanka-- we are deeply grateful for you contributions thank you! 
In Spirit
Sacred Stone Camp