01 October 2016

BIG NEWS: The next presidential debate 29SEP16

ULTRAVIOLET is committed to human rights, civil rights and civil liberties with emphasis on women's issues. They are a member of the Open Debate Coalition and are asking for your vote for the questions below. Please vote for the questions you want to be asked in the next debate by clicking on them. And if you are not sure if you are still registered to vote , or you need to register to vote click here. REMEMBER, democracy is not a spectator sport so VOTE on 8 NOV 16 !
Click HERE for the question I submitted on 1 OKT 16 to vote for it if you like....

Huge news--for the first time ever, the public can vote on which questions to ask at the next presidential debate.1
That means YOU and other UltraViolet members have a huge opportunity to make sure moderators ask the candidates questions actually important to women in real time.
Equal pay, paid family leave, child care--we need clear answers on these issues, and this is our chance to make sure voters hear them.
So far, none of the top questions touch on issues that impact women. But UltraViolet members have already submitted dozens of questions they want the presidential candidates to answer--and if we want questions about issues that impact women included in the debates, we've got to vote on the new, official forum. Can you cast your vote today?
Click on the question below to cast your vote.
This isn't by coincidence--the commission that runs the debates finally gave in to public pressure. Together with progressive allies, UltraViolet has been clamoring about the fact that the debates leave out issues most important to women, including 46,500 members who named over a thousand questions they want asked during the debates.
And it's about time that the debate commission listened. Out of the 700-plus questions that have been asked in the countless number of debates this election, only SIX had been about issues that impact women.2 Now here is our chance to make sure the potential next President answer questions that women are asking--questions about abortion, child care, equal pay, and more.
Thanks for taking action.
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin, Adam, Holly, Kathy, Onyi, Susan, Anathea, Audine, Shannon, Megan, Libby, and Emma, the UltraViolet team

1. The Second Presidential Debate Will Try Something New, The Atlantic, September 27, 2016
2. What's Next For Women in this Election?, The United State of Women, July 5, 2016

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