17 March 2016

This Elizabeth Warren Takedown Of Donald Trump Is Going Viral 14MAR16

+Senator Elizabeth Warren D MA took to social media (facebook) to denounce donald drumpf's neo-nazi fascist (my terms, not hers) proclamations on the campaign trail reminding all Americans, republican, Democrat, independent, that silence is not an option for responding to drumpf. drumpf must be challenged to prove what he is saying is true every time he opens his big mouth, he must be told his racism, hatred, ignorance and lies will no longer be tolerated and unchallenged as free political speech. It is a sad commentary on the republican party leadership that they haven't endorsed Sen Warren's statement. 

This Elizabeth Warren Takedown Of Donald Trump Is Going Viral

Liberal champion Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MASS) took to Facebook today to issue a stark warning to Democrats, Republicans, liberals, progressives, conservatives, and reasonable Americans of all walks of life, forewarning us against “staying quiet” for too long as Donald Trump descends even deeper into the dark wormhole of racial hatred and fascist fury.
Indeed, there is no virtue in silence. As xenophobic attacks against non-white Americans increase in frequency, open racism and violence at Trump rallies is spiking as white supremacists and bigots come out of the woodwork to assert their presence with misguided emotion and shows of strength, rational and reasonable Americans who believe in the values of tolerance and diversity that made our country great must stand up to defend all of our citizens against the threat posed by Trump and his rabid followers. Liberals must mobilize a counter-movement to show that we will not allow ignorant bigots and narcissistic buffoons to bully us into silence. The Sanders supporters who risked themselves and successfully shut down a Trump rally in Chicago made a powerful stand – we must build off of their victory and show Trump and the world that America will not stand for this kind of disgusting rhetoric.