01 October 2016

SLUDGE (drudge) mobilized votes on debate questions, YOU should vote too! 29SEP16

THE SLUDGE (drudge) Report is mobilizing republicans, tea-baggers, right wing fanatics, drumpf/trump-pence supporters to vote for Open Debates questions reflecting their agenda (just check out the vote totals so far on the 2nd Amendment and voter ID compared to Social Security and citizens united below). True BOLD PROGRESSIVES, those concerned about women's issues, Social Security, health care, campaign finance reform, wall street reform, criminal justice reform,  Hillary Clinton - Tim Kaine supporters, all are being called to action, called to vote for questions reflection our concerns, our priorities, the pressing issues facing our nation by the PCCC / Pregressive Change Campaign Committee. Click the links on the left side of the e mail below to vote for questions on our issues. If you need to check your voter registration or if you need to register to vote for click here. And remember to vote on 8 NOV 16 because democracy is not a spectator sport! 
Click HERE for the question I submitted on 1 OKT 16 to vote for it if you want.

The ideas with the most votes have the best chance to be asked at the next debate. VOTE NOW!
Turn on images to see Presidential Open Debate Questions.
Turn on images to see Presidential Open Debate Questions.
Turn on images to see Presidential Open Debate Questions.
Turn on images to see Presidential Open Debate Questions.
turn on images to see a VOTE NOW image.
SIREN! The conservative Drudge Report flooded the Open Debates voting process with thousands of right-wing voters. This could skew questions asked in the Oct. 9 presidential debate.
ABC and CNN debate moderators have agreed to receive and consider the top 30 questions on this important voting site.
Will we let questions favoring gun leniency and voter suppression win? Or will we vote up progressive priorities like expanding Social Security benefits and overturning Citizens United? Vote here for...
The Atlantic reports, "The second presidential debate will try something new. Ordinary Americans will be able to submit -- and vote on -- questions to be considered when the candidates meet again."
Voting takes just a few seconds. 
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Keith Rouda, PCCC organizer
P.S. You can also make a tax deductible donation of $10 or more toward the Progressive Change Institute's pro-democracy work like Open Debates.

Want to support the Warren wing? Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "When PCCC members donate millions in small-dollar donations and make millions of phone calls for progressive candidates, leaders in Washington, they take notice." Chip in $3 here.