26 March 2016

Sanders Expected to Win Alaska, Hawaii & Washington Caucuses Saturday 25MAR16

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BERNIE SANDERS is expected to win the Democratic primaries being held today in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska. The campaign for the Democratic nominee for president is not over, far from it actually, and the campaigning will continue right up to the convention in Philadelphia. From +Democracy Now! and +NPR 

Sanders Expected to Win Alaska, Hawaii & Washington Caucuses Saturday

In news from the presidential campaign trail, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is expected to win the Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state caucuses on Saturday. This comes after Sanders won the Democratic contests in Utah and Idaho by a wide margin on Tuesday, while his contender, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, won the primary in Arizona. The Arizona contest was marked by massive five-hour lines and a shortage of ballots at many polling stations.

Western Tuesday: Sanders And Cruz Claim Victories — But Not Arizona

Democratic Results



IDAHO100.0% IN


UTAH99.1% IN


Republican Results



UTAH88.7% IN

Polls close at 9 and 10 p.m. EDT in Arizona, 9 p.m. EDT in Idaho, and 10:30 p.m. and 1 a.m. EDT in Utah.

On the Democratic side, Sanders won big victories in the Utah and Idaho caucuses, but the much smaller prizes could end up netting him roughly the same number of delegates Clinton will get from her Arizona win.

Despite his loss in Arizona, Sanders pointed to the heavy turnout the night's contests had sparked and argued he had come a long way in closing the gap with Clinton, given the deficit he started with last year. There was heavy turnout in both Idaho and Utah, where long lines delayed the caucuses' start.
"I am enormously grateful to the people of Utah and Idaho for the tremendous voter turnouts that gave us victories with extremely large margins," Sanders said in a statement early Wednesday morning. "The impressive numbers of young people and working-class people who participated in the process are exactly what the political revolution is all about. These decisive victories in Idaho and Utah give me confidence that we will continue to win major victories in the coming contests."
Democrats will turn their attention next to Saturday contests in Alaska, Hawaii and Washington state.