07 March 2016



pepsi, johnson & johnson, and colgate-palmolive are responsible for the continuing burning of Indonesia. The ceos and corporate boards might as well be lighting the fires themselves. +Greenpeace USA  is part of a petition campaign to force these companies to stop buying palm oil and paper products from plantations planted on recently burned land. They must follow Indonesia's plans for stopping rainforest and peatland destruction. Please click one of the links to sign the petition, share it with friends and be sure to stop buying these companies products until they stop burning Indonesia. 

The palm oil industry is the number one cause of rainforest destruction in Indonesia.
End the Destruction

Tell PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson and other major brands to take urgent action to stop the destruction.

Take Action
One of the greatest environmental disasters of the 21st century happened last September.

What's even more unbelievable is that it's going to happen all over again in just a few months. And it will keep happening every year unless we take action now.

When enormous forest fires tore across Indonesia just six months ago, they reduced millions of acres of vibrant, living tropical rainforest and peatland to smoking ash. The scale of devastation was immense — the fires spewed out more C02 than the entire country of Japan, made hundreds of thousands of people sick, and destroyed precious orangutan habitat.

Unless we make those responsible take action, these fires are coming back to cause even more destruction.

Will you tell major brands like PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson to stop the destruction of forests and peatland for palm oil?.

Those fires were no natural disaster. Over several decades, huge areas of forest have been slashed and burned, and watery peatland has been drained for palm oil and paper plantations. That destruction is the root cause of the forest fires.

We can change this. When we act together, we make a real difference on the ground. Last year over 253,000 of us told the Indonesian president: Stop letting paper and palm oil companies destroy forests and peatlands.

And it worked — the president moved quickly to bring in ambitious new plans to protect Indonesian peatland. But now, the big brands that buy palm oil from Indonesia need to step up and make this change happen. 

Brands like PepsiCo, Colgate-Palmolive and Johnson & Johnson all like to talk loudly about their 'no deforestation' policies. But despite promises and pledges, more of Indonesia’s rainforest is being destroyed right now than ever before. Empty promises aren’t working, because they’re not enforced on the ground. These brands have to give us real commitments, real timelines and real action against their suppliers who destroy forests and peatlands. And you can make them do it.

A forest fire in Indonesia may seem thousands of miles away, but the everyday products that cause this suffering are in our cupboards and on our bathroom shelves. Palm oil is in everything from cosmetics and shampoo to chocolate bars and breakfast cereals. It’s hard to avoid, and sustainable alternatives are so incredibly limited.

The only answer is to change the entire industry. I hope I can count on you to be a part of protecting these last precious forests.

For the Forests,

Rolf Skar
Forests Campaign Director, Greenpeace USA

P.S. Unless we force industry to stop trashing the rainforests for this palm oil, the last home of endangered orangutans will be lost forever. Take action now!