10 March 2016

Gun supporter who calls guns 'toys' is promptly shot by toddler son from backseat of car 9MAR16

jamie gilt with her child and one of her "toys".

WHAT a stupid schlempe!!!!! Thankfully the kid didn't shoot himself. I hope she is charged with something just because she is such a dumb fotze! From +Daily Kos .....

Jacksonville, Florida’s Jamie Gilt is a model. She is also a mother of a lovely young four-year-old. She really doesn’t like Donald Trump (yay!) but she’s a Ted Cruz supporter (boo!). She’s also a Jade Helm-style conspiracist and is a big gun owner/supporter. Here’s a Tweet from her.
Got to play with my new toy today! Time to clean it!
Her Facebook account is an ode to right-wing political opinions, Second Amendment rights, and anti-immigrant/racist type meme activity. She also thinks Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Yesterday, on her way to see about a horse (she has a passion for horses), one of her—maybe her husband’s—guns found its way into her four-year-old son’s hands.
Putnam deputies found a truck and a horse trailer just after 3 p.m. in the middle of travel lanes on Highway 20 near Rowland Avenue.

They found 31-year-old Jamie Gilt in the front seat with a bullet wound. Police said Gilt's 4-year-old son shot his mother through the back of her seat as she was driving.

She was taken to UF Health and is in stable condition, according to deputies.
Hopefully, Mrs. Gilt will have a full and speedy recovery. I may not agree with most of her opinions on politics, but gun accidents are terrible things with terrifyingly high stakes.