25 November 2015

THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR INCLUDES THE ACLU, They’d like us to share this with you 25NOV15

I am a proud member of, and a monthly donor to the ACLU, and I am thankful for all the good they do for ALL of us!

Everyone here at the ACLU wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all you do to protect and defend civil liberties.

We also wanted to pass along a few special thank you messages from ACLU clients. These clients — and countless others — know what it feels like to have their rights and freedoms threatened. But they also know what it’s like to have people like you stand by their side. Please take a moment to read their messages below.
April Miller and Karen Roberts
April Miller, ACLU Client
When same-sex marriage was legalized this summer, I thought I could finally marry Karen Roberts, my partner of over 11 years. But when we applied for a marriage license we were turned away—by Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis. The ACLU supported me by representing me in a lawsuit against Davis, and now I’m married to the love of my life. I sincerely thank the ACLU and all its supporters.
Kevin Thompson
Kevin Thompson, ACLU Client
Last December, I spent five days in a cold and dirty jail cell—all because I couldn't afford to pay $838 in traffic fines and fees. It was a devastating and difficult experience for me. I was so glad that the ACLU stepped in… it won a settlement that will help prevent others from going to prison just for being poor. I know the ACLU was able to take on my case because of the support of people like you. I hope you know how much of an impact you have. Thank you.
Jessica Mann
Jessica Mann, ACLU Client
When I was 33 weeks pregnant I found out that—because my local hospital is Catholic—it would not allow me to have a medically necessary tubal ligation after giving birth. I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor about 10 years ago, and another pregnancy could be harmful to my health. The ACLU advocated on my behalf, contacting hospital administrators, assisting me with filing a complaint with the state, and notifying the public about what was going on. Although I had to go elsewhere to deliver and get a tubal ligation, it was so important to me to have my voice heard. I thank the ACLU and you for that.

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