24 April 2013


350.ORG started a campaign to post comments against the keystone xl pipeline on the State Department's official comments page. As of yesterday, 23 APR 13, 1 million people have submitted comments. See the State Dept's response below in this celebratory e mail from
Great news: sometime mid-morning yesterday we reached our goal, when the millionth public comment was submitted to the State Department opposing the Keystone XL pipeline. That's a lot.
In fact, at about the same hour the President put out an Earth Day proclamation saying "nothing is more powerful than millions of voices calling for change." Now we have a chance to see if he means it!
The 350 team put together this graphic to celebrate the occasion and send a message to the President -- can you share it around with your social networks?

If you're not on Facebook, consider forwarding this email to friends and family to share the good news.
Not long after we crossed the 1 million threshold, the EPA put out a statement that called the State Department's first analysis of the pipeline 'insufficient,' pointing out that they got the numbers wrong on the risk of oil spills and the climate impact of the pipeline. That's a sure sign that the relentless pressure we're putting on is having an impact.
All these things came the day after many of us gathered in over 1000(!) living rooms, theaters and auditoriums across the globe to watch the Do the Math Movie, which covered the growth of our movement over the past year or two.
As impressive as all that is, I'm more excited for what comes next. The fossil fuel resistance is growing, and when the heat rises this summer, we're going to show how powerful we've become.
Many thanks for all you've done, and much more soon,

Photo by Josh Lopez