22 October 2016

MOTHER JONES; A Look Behind the Scenes of One of Our Largest Investigations & Mother Jones Quotes 22OKT16

I am not blind to the shortcomings of our own people. I am not unaware that leaders betray, and sell out, and play false. But this knowledge does not outweigh the fact that my class, the working class, is exploited, driven, fought back with the weapon of starvation, with guns and with venal courts whenever they strike for conditions more human, more civilized for their children, and for their children's children.

MOTHER JONES has been in the muck racking business for 40 years, presenting the truth about the political systems, elections, local, state and federal governments and officials, economic systems, financial systems, social systems, basically everything in our society, country and world that impacts our lives. Everything is fair game for a Mother Jones investigation, that is what makes their work so vital. I have been a subscriber to Mother Jones for about  15 years, a financial supporter for about 10. Check out this video and message from Mother Jones and consider becoming a supporter. Think about it, no matter who wins the presidency and control of the senate and house, they will behave better knowing +Mother Jones  is watching......
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Shane Bauer's account of his four-month job as a guard for one of America's largest private prison companies changed the national conversation on private prisons.
Within a week of its publication, more than 1 million people read the article. Within two months, the Department of Justice announced it would stop contracting with private prisons. And now the Department of Homeland Security is reexamining its use of private prisons.
Months after publication, follow-up stories continue to refer to our investigative piece, and policymakers continue to cite the investigation's findings.
This overwhelming response highlights just how big an impact powerful journalism can have,and makes it clear that we exposed the private prison industry in a way that hadn't been done before.
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