07 March 2016

Election 2016 — Republican Delegate Count, 2016 Republican Popular Vote 7MAR16

I am not a fan of republican politics. I am less of a fan of ignorant politics. I do think there are republicans out there who may stumble across this post and find this information interesting. So here are some stats  from +RealClearPolitics ......
Election 2016 — Republican Delegate Count
(1,237 Needed to Win)-2,472384300151378---
IowaFebruary 13078713CaucusProportionalClosed
New HampshireFebruary 923113240PrimaryProportional*Open**
South CarolinaFebruary 2050500000PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen
NevadaFebruary 2330146712CaucusProportionalClosed
AlabamaMarch 1503613100PrimaryProportional*#∇Open
AlaskaMarch 1281112500CaucusProportional*Closed
ArkansasMarch 1401614900PrimaryProportional*#Open
GeorgiaMarch 17640181400PrimaryProportional*#∇Open**
MassachusettsMarch 142224880PrimaryProportional*Open**
MinnesotaMarch 1388131700CaucusProportional*#∇Open
OklahomaMarch 14313151200PrimaryProportional*#∇Closed
TennesseeMarch 1583115900PrimaryProportional*#∇Open
TexasMarch 115547102300PrimaryProportional*#∇Open
VermontMarch 11680080PrimaryProportional*#Open
VirginiaMarch 1491781653PrimaryProportionalOpen
Colorado1March 137CaucusUnboundClosed
Wyoming1March 129CaucusUnboundClosed
KansasMarch 540924610CaucusProportional*∇Closed
KentuckyMarch 5461715770CaucusProportional*Closed
LouisianaMarch 5461818500PrimaryProportional*∇Closed
MaineMarch 523912020CaucusProportional*#Closed
Puerto RicoMarch 623002300PrimaryProportional*#Open
HawaiiMarch 819CaucusProportional*∇Closed
IdahoMarch 832PrimaryProportional*#Closed
MichiganMarch 859PrimaryProportional*#Open
MississippiMarch 840PrimaryProportional*∇Open
Virgin IslandsMarch 109CaucusWinner Take AllClosed
GuamMarch 129ConventionUnboundClosed
District of ColumbiaMarch 1219ConventionProportional*Closed
FloridaMarch 1599PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
IllinoisMarch 1569PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen
MissouriMarch 1552PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen
North CarolinaMarch 1572PrimaryProportionalOpen**
Northern MarianasMarch 159CaucusWinner Take AllClosed
OhioMarch 1566PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen**
American SamoaMarch 229ConventionUnboundOpen
ArizonaMarch 2258PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
UtahMarch 2240CaucusProportional*#Closed
North DakotaApril 128CaucusUnboundClosed
WisconsinApril 542PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen
New YorkApril 1995PrimaryProportional*#∇Closed
ConnecticutApril 2628PrimaryProportional*#∇Closed
DelawareApril 2616PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
MarylandApril 2638PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
PennsylvaniaApril 2671PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
Rhode IslandApril 2619PrimaryProportional*∇Open**
IndianaMay 357PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen
NebraskaMay 1036PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
West VirginiaMay 1034PrimaryDirect ElectionOpen**
OregonMay 1728PrimaryProportionalClosed
WashingtonMay 2444PrimaryProportional*∇Closed
CaliforniaJune 7172PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
MontanaJune 727PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen
New JerseyJune 751PrimaryWinner Take AllOpen**
New MexicoJune 724PrimaryProportional*Closed
South DakotaJune 729PrimaryWinner Take AllClosed
Colorado1, Wyoming1
Delegates in Colorado are selected through a process that starts with the March 1st caucuses and culminates at the state convention on April 9th. Colorado Delegates can go to the national convention as unbound or bound to a candidate. The Wyoming precinct caucuses on March 1st do not bind any delegates, but they start a delegate selection process that culminates at the state convention on April 14-16. Delegates from Wyoming can be bound or unbound.
Republicans and Independents can vote in these primaries, but Democrats can't.
* — Threshold
Candidates have to reach a certain level of support to earn delegates
10% threshold: New Hampshire, Minnesota, Kansas, Maine, Rhode Island
20% threshold: Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Idaho, New York, Connecticut, Washington
15% threshold: Arkansas, Oklahoma, Michigan, Mississippi, District of Columbia, Utah, New Mexico
5% threshold: Massachusetts, Kentucky
13% threshold: Alaska
# — Ceiling
Candidates can win all at-large or all delegates by surpassing a certain level of support.
The ceiling is 50 percent in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Texas, Vermont, Maine, Puerto Rico, Idaho, Michigan, Utah and Connecticut.
The ceiling is 66 percent in Tennessee.
The ceiling is 85 percent in Minnesota.
If a candidate reaches the ceiling in Alabama, Oklahoma, Tennessee or Texas, he or she earns all the at-large delegates from the state.
If a candidate reaches the ceiling in Georgia, Minnesota, Vermont, Maine, Puerto Rico, Idaho, Michigan, Utah or Connecticut, he or she earns all the at-large and congressional district delegates from the state.
Arkansas: every candidate who gets over 15 percent gets one at-large delegate. If no candidate gets over 50 percent, the remaining delegates are allocated proportionally among those who get over 15 percent. If a candidate gets over 50 percent, he or she gets the remaining at-large delegates.
▽ — Congressional District Delegates
Congressional district delegates are allocated according to results in that district rather than statewide. The rules are the same for the at-large and congressional delegates (e.g. same floor, same ceiling, proportional or WTA, etc.) in most states. Here are the states in which they differ significantly and the ways in which they differ:
Arkansas — the congressional district delegates are allocated proportionally with no threshold, unless a candidate gets over 50 percent of the vote in that district. In that case they get all three delegates.
Georgia and Minnesota — There's no ceiling in the congressional districts.
Louisiana — There's no threshold in the congressional districts.
Mississippi — There's not threshold in the congressional districts and if a candidate gets over 50 percent of the vote in a district, he or she gets all the delegates from that district.
Illinois and Pennsylvania — at-large delegates are WTA by statewide vote, but congressional district delegates are elected directly.
Missouri — Nine at-large delegates are allocated to the statewide winner, and five delegates are allocated to the winner of each congressional district. If a candidate gets over 50 percent he or she gets all the delegates.
Connecticut — Plurality winner in each congressional district gets all three delegates.
Rhode Island — If three candidates get over 10 percent in a congressional district, they each get one delegate. If any candidate gets over 67 percent in a district, they get all three delegates.

Popular Vote Total-3,596,3102,994,2452,217,958713,463579,926
IowaFebruary 145,42751,66643,1653,47417,395
New HampshireFebruary 9100,40633,18930,03244,9096,509
South CarolinaFebruary 20239,851164,790165,88156,20653,326
NevadaFebruary 2334,53116,07917,9402,7093,619
AlabamaMarch 1371,735180,608159,80237,97087,517
AlaskaMarch 17,3467,9733,3188922,401
ArkansasMarch 1133,144123,873101,23515,09823,173
GeorgiaMarch 1501,707305,109315,97972,30380,503
MassachusettsMarch 1311,31360,473112,822113,78316,277
MinnesotaMarch 124,01832,68441,1266,4888,233
OklahomaMarch 1130,141157,941119,56216,51528,572
TennesseeMarch 1332,702211,159180,98945,24364,846
TexasMarch 1757,6181,239,370502,223120,257117,780
VermontMarch 119,9685,92911,77818,5432,544
VirginiaMarch 1355,960173,193327,04296,51960,093
Colorado1March 1
Wyoming1March 1
KansasMarch 517,06235,20712,1897,795511
KentuckyMarch 582,49372,50337,57933,1341,951
LouisianaMarch 5124,818113,94933,80419,3554,544
MaineMarch 56,0708,5501,4922,270132
Puerto RicoMarch 600000
HawaiiMarch 8
IdahoMarch 8
MichiganMarch 8
MississippiMarch 8
Virgin IslandsMarch 10
GuamMarch 12
District of ColumbiaMarch 12
FloridaMarch 15
IllinoisMarch 15
MissouriMarch 15
North CarolinaMarch 15
Northern MarianasMarch 15
OhioMarch 15
American SamoaMarch 22
ArizonaMarch 22
UtahMarch 22
North DakotaApril 1
WisconsinApril 5
New YorkApril 19
ConnecticutApril 26
DelawareApril 26
MarylandApril 26
PennsylvaniaApril 26
Rhode IslandApril 26
IndianaMay 3
NebraskaMay 10
West VirginiaMay 10
OregonMay 17
WashingtonMay 24
CaliforniaJune 7
MontanaJune 7
New JerseyJune 7
New MexicoJune 7
South DakotaJune 7