09 November 2015

Sign on: State-by-state, we stand with Planned Parenthood 9NOV15

I want to know why so many of these republican dominated state legislatures, so many of these republican governors, the vast majority proclaiming their Christianity as guiding them in their decisions, continue to LIE to the citizens of their states about Planned Parenthood, continue to block Medicare expansion in their states, continue to cut funding for much needed social safety net programs, continue to serve the the 1% at the expense of the middle class, the working class, the poor, families, vets, seniors.....Planned Parenthood isn't abortion central and isn't murdering babies for body parts. They provide medical services for women, men, children, families who can't afford to pay for health care. AND I really want to know why these republicans, mostly white men, rail against the intrusion of all government into our personal lives and then pass "christian sharia" laws regulating the lives of women. The religious and political hypocrisy is glaring and disgusting. Please sign this
petition campaign from +Daily Kos , and don't forget....