18 September 2015

Presidential debate: Planned Parenthood in the crosshairs, WILL THE U.S. GOVENMENT SHUTDOWN? 17SEP15

PLANNED  PARENTHOOD is under attack, still, but this time the fight might result in a shutdown of the U.S. government. Attacking Planned Parenthood has become a cornerstone of almost every republican presidential candidates stump speech, and their supporters are loving it. The sad thing is, they are deliberately lying about Planned Parenthood, spreading misinformation, deceiving the public into believing Planned Parenthood = abortion. Interesting campaign style for a group, most of whom are Christians (Thou Shall Not Lie?). Nothing could  be farther from the truth, as Leigh Anne Woods tried to show the world when she exposed her mastectomy scars in public last month in Virginia, telling Hollis supervisor al bedrosian Planned Parenthood is more than abortion. If you can please make a donation in support of Planned Parenthood (I donated $10.00) by clicking the link from +BoldProgressives  and share with others.....

Republican presidential candidates made clear at last night's debate that they will destroy Planned Parenthood if given the chance:
Jeb Bush: "I don't believe that Planned Parenthood should get a penny from the federal government."
John Kasich: "I agree with defunding Planned Parenthood."
Scott Walker: "I defunded Planned Parenthood four-and-a-half years ago, in a blue state...we should be able to do this nationally."
Chris Christie: "I've vetoed Planned Parenthood funding eight times in New Jersey."
Carly Fiorina: "If we will not stand up and force President Obama to veto this bill, shame on us."
Ted Cruz: "Absolutely we shouldn't be sending $500 million of taxpayer money to funding an ongoing criminal enterprise."
Over 4.6 million women, men, and young people depend on Planned Parenthood. Despite what Ted Cruz says, there's nothing "criminal" about that.
Are you willing to stand in solidarity at this moment?
Click here to donate $3 help Planned Parenthood FIGHT BACK against these attacks.
Sunday, Elizabeth Warren vowed to fight back, telling supporters at a rally in Texas: "Ted Cruz wants a fight over Planned Parenthood? My answer is, 'BRING IT ON!'" And PCCC members are fighting back, too -- donating over $18,000 to help Planned Parenthood fight.
We stand with Planned Parenthood. We always have. We always will. Together, let's show that far-right attacks on Planned Parenthood will only make it stronger.
Click here to donate $3 to Planned Parenthood.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Kayla Wingbermuehle, PCCC Organizing Team

In total, Planned Parenthood saw 2.7 million individual patients in 2013, and it provided nearly 11 million services, according to its most recent annual report. About 12 percent of patients received an abortion, (assuming one procedure per abortion patient), so the remaining 88 percent of patients received other health services.
Here’s the section of the report breaking down services provided in 2013: Want to support the Warren wing? Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "When PCCC members donate millions in small-dollar donations and make millions of phone calls for progressive candidates, leaders in Washington, they take notice." Chip in $3 here.