10 October 2014

FiveThirtyEight’s Senate Forecast 10OKT14 REMEMBER TO VOTE ON 4 NOV 14!!!!!

IF the gop / tea-baggers win control of the US Senate then the Democratic Party has nobody to blame but itself. Self defeating allegiance to the grand betrayal of the Obama administration and DINOS, the failure of the party to promote and back progressives, the inability of the party to reject the control of both the Democratic and republican parties as well as our government by the rich, corporate America, the bank-financial cabal and the military industrial complex is the reason the electorate is uninspired and uncommitted. I have done nothing for and have not donated to any Democratic candidates who are not Bold Progressives endorsed by the PCCC / +BoldProgressives and +Daily Kos. I strongly encourage all liberals and progressives to check out these two groups and donate to and / or volunteer for the candidates they have endorsed. I am done with candidates who do not represent the best options for our nation and best represent my values and concerns. I am a proud member of the +Senator Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party. Some of our candidates will win, some will loose. The result of the election, the ensuing state of our nation, will be on the current administration, the Democrats and gop / tea-baggers and the electorate. God help us all. From +FiveThirtyEight .....

FiveThirtyEight’s Senate Forecast

FiveThirtyEight’s election forecasting model combines hundreds of opinion polls with historical and demographic information to calculate odds for each Senate race. We estimate the probability that each party will win control of the Senate by running those odds through thousands of simulations. The forecast is updated regularly.
  • Republicans have a 57.8% chance of winning a majority.
    Democrats have a 42.2% chance of keeping the majority.
    There is an 18.4% chance Republicans will control 52 seats and Democrats will control 48 seats.
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