15 October 2014

Electoral Apocalypse? NOT IF WE CAN HELP IT! 15NOV14

THE New York Time's may be ready to write of the Democrats for the 2014 midterm elections but the Bold Progressives aren't! Congressional races that per predicted easy wins for the gop / tea-baggers across the country are closer than anyone predicted, and with 3 weeks to go the people we need to be elected have a very good chance of winning their races. Here is an update from the PCCC / Progressive Change Campaign Committee 
so do what you can to make the pundits eat their words on 5 NOV 14. REMEMBER TO VOTE ON 4 NOV 14!!!!!
There's a sobering line in today's New York Times about the midterm elections:
"The midterm elections have been maddeningly unpredictable, but now, with three weeks to go, Democrats may be preparing for an electoral apocalypse."
Luckily, bold progressives know that elections aren't just left up to fate. Progressives put South Dakota's Senate race in play when it was written off by the political insiders -- and now, everyone is talking about it.
We've done the due diligence and have identified 5 progressives in hot races where money NOW will allow them to make important decisions for the final 3 weeks.
Chip in $3 to the bold progressive candidates who need our support right now.
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We'll send other recommendations later this week, but here are the 5 candidates who most need our help right now:
Rick Weiland was just featured by MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, and Steve Kornacki. This bold progressive Senate campaign has quickly catapulted to the top of the national pack with the help of PCCC members. South Dakota has 3 Republicans on the general election ballot, dividing the vote and putting Rick in a perfect place to win. The longtime Republican front-runner is now in a major corruption scandal, while Rick's core message is reform -- promising to take back our government from big-money interests. Rick is former head of the South Dakota AARP, is endorsed by Elizabeth Warren, and told the Washington Post this week: "I think we need to get the cap off of Social Security...I want to open up Medicare to everyone, let them have the choice. Bringing in a lot of people will make the program stronger.” Latest polls have Rick down by only 4 points!
Senator Mark Udall says "I will strongly oppose efforts to cut and privatize Social Security and vote against any bill that balances the budget on the backs of our seniors by cutting Social Security benefits." Not enough politicians have given that promise, but Mark has, and that's why we endorse him. Mark is one of the strongest fighters in the Senate for privacy protections and holding the CIA accountable. He also supports Elizabeth Warren's plan to fix the student debt crisis, and he has her endorsement. Current polling shows Senator Udall trailing his opponent by 4 points.
Congressman Bruce Braley is founder of the Populist Caucus in Congress. Now, he's running for Senate. After being targeted by the Koch brothers, this race to fill retiring Sen. Tom Harkin's seat moved from a Democratic advantage to dead even -- or in some polls, we're losing. Tea Party Republican Joni Ernst wants to repeal the federal minimum wage and cut Social Security. Latest Quinnipiac poll shows Joni Ernst leading by 2 points.
Third-term Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter is in an incredibly tight race for re-election in New Hampshire's 1st Congressional District, and is a top national Republican target. Carol has been a true partner -- joining the PCCC's push against cuts to Social Security, joining our push to expand benefits, and attending our trainings in DC and New Hampshire to help us mentor up-and-coming candidates and progressive staffers. She is one of the first candidates to be endorsed by Larry Lessig's Mayday Super PAC because of her longtime work on the issue of campaign finance reform. Current polling shows Carol trailing by 2 points.
Congressman Rick Nolan is a former three-term Minnesota Congressman who was re-districted in 1980, had an entire life in international business since then, and won a seat again in 2012 with the PCCC's help -- knocking off a Tea Party incumbent. His first bill in Congress was campaign finance reform, saying that he saw how Congress used to work and it's crazy that members of Congress spend hours each day calling donors. He's the first Representative of this rural Duluth district to ever support gun safety legislation. He stood with the PCCC and progressive allies against cuts to Social Security and in support of expanding benefits. Rick is bold! And he is a top target for national Republicans in 2014. PCCC is proud to be helping re-elect this progressive champion. The Cook report currently has this race listed as a toss-up.
Can you chip in $3 to these bold progressive candidates who need our support right now?
Or sign up to call voters from home at least once before Election Day.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Keith Rouda, PCCC organizer