14 February 2014

Here's how we fought back against the nsa on 11FEB14

DEMOCRACY is not a spectator sport, it requires participation by those living in the democracy. Bold Progressive democratic organizations have joined together to fight the nsa and our government's illegal and immoral spying and surveillance of US! Tuesday, 11FEB14 was a very successful day of action, check out the results. We can end the government's spying and surveillance activities, we just have to keep up the pressure. From Demand Progress.....
Tuesday was amazing.  Working with scores of organizations, and thousands of sites, and hundreds of thousands of activists, we organized the largest online privacy protest ever.  
Nearly 100,000 calls were placed to Congress on that day, melting the phone lines and making it clear that we will persist in the fight to end mass surveillance.
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On Tuesday we sought to make a dent, while laying a foundation for escalation over the months to come:  It was a tremendous success.
We demonstrated that civil society organizations, hundreds of thousands of activists, and major corporations are willing to bring coordinated pressure to bear on lawmakers.
Just a few highlights:
  • Scores of organizations from across the political spectrum banded together.
  • Thousands of sites urged their visitors to take action.  
  • Google formally endorsed the USA FREEDOM Act, which would end bulk data collection.  
  • Twitter tweeted to nearly 30 million people in support.  
  • Dozens of lawmakers issued statements of support.
  • NSA acolyte Senator Dianne Feinstein was on the run from her own constituents.
We will persist, we will escalate, and we will win.
Please click here to check out the stats. 
And please share them widely, so the whole world knows just how strong we are when we work together:
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-Demand Progress
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February 11th, 2014 was The Day We Fought Back against mass surveillance

The Day We Fought Back: by the numbers

Thanks to everyone who participated on Tuesday. Together we demonstrated that activists, organizations, and companies can work in unison to fight mass surveillance, and laid a foundation for escalation over months to come.
Below are some numbers that quantify how we did* on Tuesday.
* The figures below represent a lower bound - at least tens of thousands of people took action independently and using tools on other sites. The statistics below do not account for that activity.
  • 37,000,000

    People saw the banner

    Over 24 million Americans and 13 million non-Americans saw The Day We Fight Back banner on Tuesday.
  • 555,000

    Emails sent

    185,000 Americans registered to send over 555,000 emails, two each to their two Senators and one to their Representative.

  • 89,000

    Calls completed

    The total number of completed calls reached 89,000 and another 7,000 calls went uncompleted because some legislators turned off their voicemail inboxes.
  • 301,000


    245,000 people internationally signed the petition to demand privacy as a human right. Another 56,000 joined petitions on and

  • 420,000+

    Facebook shares

    This just the number of times the website itself was shared on Facebook.
  • 84,000+


    This is just the number of times the was shared on Twitter. #StopSpying and #StopTheNSA were trending on Twitter during the afternoon.

  • 1,000,000+

    Homepage visitors

    The banner, social media and at least 6,000 websites drove over 1 million unique visitors to the homepage.