04 November 2016

I stopped worrying today & Hillary Clinton Wins Scholastic Student Vote 3NOV16

POLITICAL POLLS are fascinating to me (and a lot of other people too). I haven't been looking at them except on Friday or Saturday every week, and then just at the  +FiveThirtyEight 2016 polls and projections. Not sure about what this post on +Daily Kos was about I opened it. This is an interesting look at the possible election results based on the voting by students in schools across the country. Students who aren't old enough to vote in the real election, but are participating in voting in a mock election as part of civics lessons across the country. Check out these results BUT remember, it 'aint over till the last polls close on 8 NOV 16 SO YOU NEED TO VOTE!!!!!.
I stopped worrying today

Screenshot of map of 2016 Scholastic Mock Vote for the presidential election.

The anxiety won’t entirely go away till they call this freaking nightmare of an election, the likes of which I’ve never seen before.
I’ve followed politics for a long, long time, as in one of my earliest memories was JFK’s inauguration, with my mother explaining to little three-year-old me what a president was and how this man was the new one. At which point I had to ask about the old one, so we got early on into the peaceful transition of power.
She and my dad had voted for Kennedy, hope and change and a family to mirror our own, a boy and a girl. By 1968 they were voting for Nixon, and I was the 6th grade nerd yelling, “N-I-X-O-N, Nixon, Nixon’s going to win.” They got over that phase, and so did I, which gives me hope for the handful of incipient Republicans at the school where I work.
As a longtime follower of politics, I’ve gotta say, this campaign season isn’t normal. We don’t state we’ll lock up political opponents. We don’t impeach people who aren’t even in office yet. Once upon a time we could have nice things, like a full Supreme Court.
I admire Hillary Clinton a lot more than I’d ever imagined. After watching this election cycle I am reasonably certain that I’d find it impossible to look away from a slow moving train wreck too. I haven’t been able to back away from the screen in about six months, which is upping my natural born anxiety and turning me into a regular clickgibbon. How Hillary gets up everyday and walks right into this mess is pretty damn impressive. I’ve long past reached the limits of my patience with her opponent and his supporters. 
But today, I saw two things that made me realize that everything is probably  going to turn out okay after all. We’re doing a mock election at school, one in which students, parents, and teachers can vote for President, Senate, and House of Representatives. It’s the National Student/Parent Mock Election. When you vote, you can see the percentages from other voters in your state.
Hillary is leading Trump, 54% to 29%. In Georgia. 
I don’t know how many votes have been cast in the state, and this is far from scientific. But it reminded me of Scholastic Books’ Mock Election. The kids haven’t been wrong since 1960. So I did a quick Google,  and lo and behold, there were the results from Scholastic, showing Hillary with 52% of the popular vote nationwide and Trump with 29%. And Georgia blue, 48/37. And Texas. And Florida. And… here’s the link: Scholastic Mock Election 2016
Seeing this beautiful map settled me right down better than David Plouffe. The kids are all right. She’s got this. 

Hillary Clinton Wins Scholastic Student Vote

Kids across the U.S. have cast their votes for president.

Most voters will make their picks for president on November 8, but our readers have already made their choice. Hillary Clinton won this year’s Scholastic Student Vote.
The Democratic candidate for president received 52 percent of the student votes, while her main challenger, Republican Donald Trump, received 35 percent. The remaining 13 percent was split among dozens of write-in candidates.
The person with the third most votes was Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party, who received about 2 percent. Not far behind were Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who had challenged Clinton for the Democratic nomination (the act of being formally chosen as a candidate for a job or position), and Green Party candidate Jill Stein. About 153,000 students nationwide, from kindergarten through grade 12, voted online or by mail-in paper ballot.
Since 1940, the results of the student vote have usually mirrored the outcome of the presidential election. In fact, Scholastic readers have been wrong only twice. In 1948, kids picked Thomas E. Dewey over President Harry S. Truman. And in 1960, more students voted for Richard M. Nixon than for the eventual president, John F. Kennedy.
Will the student voters be right again? Find out on November 8! 

Student Vote Results Map

Student Vote Results by State

Note: The Scholastic Student Vote is not based on a scientifically designed sample of the student population. It is an educational activity meant to give students an opportunity to express their opinions about the 2016 presidential election.
New Hampshire50%31%18%
New Jersey54%37%9%
New Mexico57%25%18%
New York56%35%9%
North Carolina49%40%11%
North Dakota25%63%12%
Rhode Island52%29%19%
South Carolina47%43%9%
South Dakota42%46%12%
Washington, D.C.34%29%37%
West Virginia25%65%10%