05 March 2016

Donald Trump and the Great Size Scandal & The Trump Test: How Much Does He Hate You? 5MAR16

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star
THE view of the 2016 repiglican president primary from Montreal Simon in Canada. Take the test to see what donald trump thinks about you, he HATES me THANK GOD!!!!!!

Donald Trump and the Great Size Scandal

I wasn't able to watch the last Republican debate because I don't get Fox at my place. 

Which turned out to be just as well. 

Because the last thing I would have wanted to see is Donald Trump defending the size of his hands and 

"Look at those hands. Are these small hands? And … if they're small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there's no problem," Trump said, showing his hands to the audience, assuring them that his hands were normal-sized, as was his "something else." 

And so soon after he said this...

Because now I'm not just absolutely disgusted, I'm totally confused...

And all I can think of is, how low will this Con show go?

How crazy can America get?

Has anybody tried this yet?

And of course, holy jumping Lord of the Shrimps, Trump must REALLY hate me !!!!!

Which could be dangerous eh?

But then I can't help it if I'm huge or yuge.

And I'm sure Herr Hair Drumpfy would also have been wildly jealous of President Lyndon Johnson...

Who despite his many flaws, was apparently a bigger man than Trump.

And while we're at it, no doubt bigger than Stephen Harper...

Who was always a nasty little leader, as morally depraved as Trump, and has no doubt wilted even more since his humiliating defeat.

And the even better news? If that's possible.

Being a vulgar, racist, abrasive jerk, only works until it doesn't.

Many Trump followers love that he doesn’t care about being called racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, etc. They’re sick of the media demanding that every Republican in the land disavow some dumb thing said by someone they’ve never heard of. 

But this strategy “works” only in a narrow, shortsighted sense. Such thinking is likely to cost the party the election, and saddle Trump and his supporters with costly baggage that will make it harder for them to achieve their goals in this or any other election cycle.

It might work during a primary, with a crowded field of mediocre candidates. But it won't work during the real election campaign. When the Democrats start pounding him with their attack ads.

These ads will be devastating. Most Americans already dislike him even more than they dislike Hillary Clinton, even though most of them probably don’t yet know about the Klan gaffe or the fraud trial. By November, I guarantee that they will.

And all the ammunition he has so generously given them.

Because when they do, Trump will start shrinking all over.

He will go down.

And like the depraved Stephen Harper.

He will take his party with him...

Golly. Isn't it great?

How you can always count on Cons to act like animals.

Shock us with their bestiality.

And sooner or later destroy themselves...

The Trump Test: How Much Does He Hate You?

In my last post I told you how disgusted I was by Donald Trump's depraved obsession with the size of his hands.

And the size of his genitals.

And how I feared that if he ever became President, he might come after me...

For obvious reasons.

So that's when I decided to take this test.

To find out how much he hated me.

And sure enough he does !!!

But although the thought of Trump coming after me is a horrible thought. 

And it does bring back bad memories...

I'm actually delighted at the thought that if men like Harper or Trump knew of my humble existence, they would loathe me. Because the feeling is mutual.

Like millions and millions of our decent American neighbours I know I'm in good company...

Theo Moudakis/Toronto Star

I'm sure that many Republican are walking away from the party of Lincoln.

And that many won't bother to vote, if Trump is their candidate,

And now that the hog has been revealed...

I can't help feeling that he has crossed an invisible line. 

And that the essential task of destroying him.

Has just become a little easier...