24 February 2016

JUST RELEASED: LCV's 2015 National Environmental Scorecard 24FEB16

WANT to know how your elected officials rate on the environment? Check them out on the League of Conservation Voter's 2015 Environmental Scorecard.....
League of Conservation Voters
Find out if your senators stood up for the environment or fell way short — and check out how your representative did, too! Visit our newly released 2015 National Environmental Scorecard »

LCV’s National Environmental Scorecard is here! See how your members of Congress did in 2015 »
 The 2015 National Environmental Scorecard numbers have been crunched, tallied, and posted. Let’s be honest: It wasn’t pretty.

This past year, the new Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wasted no time getting to work on behalf of his polluter allies, pushing through legislation to approve the Keystone XL pipeline as his first order of business. And by the end of the year we can say with confidence that the extreme leadership of both the Senate and the House had made this the most anti-environmental Congress in our nation’s history.

We scored 60 votes — the most we have ever included! Here are just five of the votes we saw in the Senate — click one of the links below then search for your senators’ names to see how they voted:

  1. Blocking the biggest step the United States has taken to fight climate change: Just months after President Obama and the EPA finalized the Clean Power Plan, Congress used an extreme and rarely used legislative maneuver to try and permanently block it. See if your senators stood in the way of the biggest step our country’s ever taken on climate change.
  2. Extreme Attacks on Drinking Water Protections: This vote sought to permanently void the EPA’s new drinking water protections for millions of Americans. See if your senators stood up for clean drinking water.
  3. Acknowledging Climate Change: This amendment called on Congress to acknowledge the reality of man-made climate change and take action to cut carbon pollution. See if your senators accept the reality of climate change.
  4. Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline: This vote tried to automatically approve the dirty and dangerous Keystone XL pipeline. See if your senators voted to transport the world’s dirtiest oil through America’s heartland.
  5. Reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund: This vote would have reauthorized LWCF, America’s premier conservation program. See if your senators took a stand to protect our public lands.
The whole 2015 National Environment Scorecard is also available in Spanish!

The first step to getting more environmental policies passed is letting our members of Congress know that we’re paying attention, and that’s exactly what LCV’s Scorecard has done since 1970. Help us continue this important work with a special Scorecard gift of $5 »


Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters

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