18 November 2015

After Paris Attacks, Kaine Renews Call for Congress to Authorize War With ISIL & Yes, Obama Does Have an Anti-ISIS Plan "to Take Out These Bastards" & What Barack Obama said about ISIS being contained 17, 16 & 15NOV15

SO many critics about the Obama administration's plans and actions against daesh, and so few of them offer realistic alternative plans of actions. Anyone of any political party trying to use the terrorist attacks in Paris for their own political gain is disgusting.  We should be united in our efforts to defeat and destroy terrorism and if suggestions and opinions are to be expressed they should be realistic and practical, not propaganda, fear-mongering, misinformation and deception. +Senator Tim Kaine has been calling for congress to to pass authorization for the American war on daesh / isis for months to no avail. A dangerous precedence is being set allowing our President to wage war without congressional authorization, and congress should hold a debate and vote on AUMF to be on record on the matter and also to take a stand for the defense of our Republic's constitution. These from Sen Tim Kaine's website, +Mother Jones and +PolitiFact ......

After Paris Attacks, Kaine Renews Call for Congress to Authorize War With ISIL

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Published: Sunday, November 15th, 2015 at 4:18 p.m.
Researched by: Lauren Carroll
Edited by: Aaron Sharockman
Subjects: Terrorism


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