22 September 2014


REP BRUCE BRALEY D IA is in a very tight race for the US Senate seat from Iowa. The PCCC / is supporting him because he is a Progressive Democrat. His victory in the Iowa election is vital to the Democratic Party keeping control of the Senate, protecting us from the extreme right wing agenda of the koch brothers /corporate America republican controlled House. If you can please donate to Bruce Braley's campaign (I did, $5.00), and if you are in Iowa please consider volunteering for his campaign. From the PCCC / Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Huge news out of Iowa: Two polls this past week showed Bruce Braley, the populist progressive who's running to replace Senator Tom Harkin, edging out his right-wing opponent.
This is big. His Tea Party opponent -- the one who ran infamous ads about castrating pigs -- got a lot of help from the Koch Brothers and special interests this summer. She spent much of the summer narrowly ahead.
Here's what one political analyst said about this race on ABC's This Week:
"If you ask me what race on Election Night will determine who takes the Senate, whether the Democrats keep it or the Republicans take it, Iowa is it. And if the Republicans take Iowa, they're taking the Senate back."
Can you chip in $3 to help bold progressive Bruce Braley build on his narrow lead in the polls -- and prevent a Republican takeover? Donate here.
Bruce Braley is exactly who should be replacing Tom Harkin in the Senate. Progressive Sen. Tom Harkin told supporters this past week:
"If you want to thank me for my service, there is really only one way I want you to do that. Make sure that this Senate seat remains in good, fighting, progressive hands with Congressman Bruce Braley."
Elizabeth Warren endorsed Bruce Braley in an email to PCCC members, saying, "Bruce Braley led the Populist Caucus in the House of Representatives – and is focused on economic fairness, investing in education, and addressing our retirement crisis."
Please chip in $3 to help Bruce Braley keep his lead and defend against corporate money and attacks in the coming weeks.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Keith Rouda, PCCC organizer