13 February 2014


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As our journey to Sochi began, U.S. Olympian David Pichler and I stopped by St. Petersburg, where we met with Russian LGBT activists Anastasia Smirnova, Igor Kochetkov, Maria Kozlovska and others. They told us that, despite the international attention generated by the Sochi Olympics, they were still anticipating an ongoing and increased backlash against Russia’s LGBT community.
The very next day, just hours before the Opening Ceremony, Russian police detained Anastasia and four other activists for holding posters that called for the Sochi Games - and for Russia - to uphold the Olympic Charter’s nondiscrimination clause, Principle 6.
While one may have thought these arrests could give pause to those fighting for equality in Russia, they did not.
When the Olympic torch leaves Sochi on February 23, Human Rights First’s attention to the human rights abuses in Russia will not go with it. President Obama appointed the right delegation to the Olympics. The United States needs to keep up that bold commitment in their diplomacy after Sochi too. We will continue to support Russia’s LGBT community by encouraging U.S. officials to continue engaging with activists and others facing the brutal consequences of Russia’s crackdown. We will also urge U.S. officials to continue raising concerns about the discriminatory anti-propaganda laws as part of its official engagement with Russia.
Russia’s LGBT community needs our support.
In the coming weeks, we will let you know how you can join us in our work to advance equality in Russia and beyond. In the meantime, you can continue to follow developments and read more about our experiences on the ground here.
Shawn Gaylord
Human Rights First
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