29 January 2014

State of the Union surprise: What John Boehner did 28JAN14

I did not hear most of the policies I support because I believe in social justice and the American social contract in Pres Obama's State of the Union speech. I make my differences with the president and both parties in congress very clear, but I have not lowered myself, even during the bush administrations, to r OH rep john boehner's level when he said what he did yesterday. From DFA.....
You won't believe what came out of Speaker John Boehner's mouth earlier today. According to Roll Call, Boehner said that:
Maintaining his composure during the State of the Union, while sitting on camera and directly behind the president as Obama delivers his remarks, makes for the “hardest day of the year.”
Well, if Mr. Boehner thinks sitting behind the President is too hard -- while millions of Americans struggle in this economy because of his obstructionism -- we would be more than happy to help Boehner pack his bags and retire.