24 April 2013


IF this happened in a Third World country people would make derisive comments because 'well it is the Third World and "those" people and what do you expect?'. But it isn't the Third World, it is Ohio, in America, and we expect better for our fellow citizens. Though we don't live in Steubenville we need to care about that community and what they have just been through, and so I hope you will join me in signing this petition demanding the Steubenville School Board fire Reno Saccoccia. He is not fit to be around children and should never be allowed to teach or coach children in any school ever again.
Coach Reno Saccoccia did nothing to report the horrible Steubenville rape--and evidence shows he might have even helped cover it up. The school board should fire him, but instead they just renewed his contract for two more years. Can you sign the petition to the Steubenville school board?
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What the %$#&, Steubenville?!?
Since last year, Steubenville, Ohio football coach Reno Saccoccia has been embroiled in the horrible case of the high school football players who raped a 16-year old girl while she was unconscious. Publicly released texts from the now convicted football players indicate he knew about the rape and did nothing to report it--in fact it took two months for him to even suspend these boys from the team. During the trial, evidence showed that he might have even helped the boys cover it up. 1
So how does Steubenville respond? The school board in Steubenville, Ohio, just announced that they extended his contract for two more years.2
Seriously!?!? The Steubenville school board just sent the message to everyone in Steubenville--and in the country--that rape is not a crime that needs to be taken seriously.
Steubenville school board members all need to know: the world is still watching Steubenville, we’re still angry, and any coach who played a role delaying justice in this crime needs to be fired. Can you sign our petition? We’ll send it to the school board and to all the local press.
Sign the petition demanding that the Steubenville school board fire coach Saccoccia.
As one rape counselor explained in The Nation:3
"The school board chose to send a message. That message was that the health and continuity of the football team is more important than the health and safety of young women in that community... I truly hope they come to their senses. We’re all watching."
There’s been lots of outrage in the media about this decision already. And after all the attention on the case earlier this year, Steubenville police, school authorities, and Coach Saccoccia clearly want to put this case behind them. But first, the school board has to make it clear that nobody, especially well-respected school employees who have a big influence over students and the entire community, should be covering up the rape of a teenage girl.
Now, we all have to show them: the world is still watching. Shame on the entire Steubenville school board for allowing this to happen. They need to make it right by firing Reno Saccoccia now. Can you sign the petition?
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Thanks for speaking out,
Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda, and Karin, the UltraViolet team

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