03 August 2017

It turns out Stephen Miller's immigrant great-grandmother couldn't speak English & Trump aide uses White House podium to echo white supremacist claims about Statue of Liberty & Trump aide goes off rails, cites hate groups, disses Lady Liberty's 'Give me your tired' call 3&2AUG17

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MORE hypocrisy, more racist rhetoric and propaganda from the drumpf/trump-pence administration, this time on immigration. Seems NOT MY pres drumpf's/trump's grandfather came to America unable to speak English (and he was a draft dodger too), and the same is true for stephen miller's great-grandmother, kellyanne conway's great-grandfather, and research is ongoing on steve bannon's great-great grandfather from Bavaria. These people would have been barred from entering the U.S. under the drumpf/trump-pence administration's immigration policy! 
It turns out Stephen Miller's immigrant great-grandmother  couldn't speak English
Thursday Aug 03, 2017

Stephen Miller is a strange man. A strange, racist man. A strange, racist, gives-you-the-heebie-jeebies man. On Wednesday, after Donald Trump announced his anti-immigrant immigration idea, Miller was sent out to talk with the press corps, because there are few people who can freak everybody out as much as Stephen Miller can. After parroting white supremacist talking points on immigrants not being able to speak English and the Statue of Liberty being a propaganda campaign by who-knows-who (probably Bolsheviks!), thinking folk decided to figure out how large a hypocrite Mr. Miller was. It didn’t take long.
As someone in Twitter thread pointed out, this makes Miller similar, in one respect, to humanity.
And as the Washington Post points out, the only good advertisement for this racist and scapegoating immigration policy is that it may have spared us from our current leadership.
A biographer of Trumpf — father of Fred Trump, who was the father of the president — told Deutsche Welle that Donald Trump’s grandfather didn’t speak English when he got here.
Reporter Jennifer Mendelsohn tracked down Miller’s genealogy. She discovered that Miller’s father’s father’s mother — his great-grandmother, Sarah Miller — was identified in the 1910 Census as speaking only Yiddish.
Kellyanne Conway’s great-grandfather was named Pasquale Lombardo and was born in Naples, Italy. A man of that name and the proper age is identified in the 1910 Census as living in Pennsylvania and working as a blast furnace laborer who spoke only Italian.
Stephen K. Bannon’s great-great-grandfather was a man named Mattias Herr, who was born in Bavaria in 1836 before moving to Maryland. It’s not clear whether he spoke English or knew a skilled trade.
Maybe they will retroactively deport themselves?
Thursday Aug 03, 2017
Is White House senior policy adviser Stephen Miller a white nationalist? It’s a question worth asking after he stood at the White House podium on Wednesday and echoed a white nationalist argument about the Statue of Liberty. As Miller detailed Donald Trump’s plan to limit legal immigration, he was asked about the poem on the Statue of Liberty. You know the one—“Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Miller’s response was that the poem was “added later,” so it’s irrelevant to American values. That sounds like a nonsensical answer, until you see all of the straight-up white supremacists who’ve made that exact argument before Miller. Rebekah Entralgo rounds up some of them:, a popular website among white supremacists that boasts the tagline, “Every month is White history month,” has a numerous discussion threads on the topic, including one titled, “Give Me Your Huddled Masses — The Jewess who tried to destroy the US!” Contributors to the forum wrote the poem should be “considered graffiti” and stress that [Emma] Lazarus’ sonnet is “not part of the original” statue at all.
The subreddit for Donald Trump supporters, which frequently pushes white nationalist memes, also has a post titled, “Does everyone realize that the poem inscribed beneath the Statue of Liberty is not, in fact, law?”
So basically they want the Statue of Liberty to be their Aryan imaginary girlfriend and not associated with nasty Jews and other non-Aryan immigrants. David Duke has even written a book chapter complaining about Emma Lazarus. And these are the people whose argument a senior White House aide parroted on Wednesday.
Mind you, the fact that the poem was added later shows exactly how important it is. The easy thing to do was leave it off. It took work and money and political will to add it, and that happened because those words added something meaningful to the statue. But if you’re a white supremacist desperately looking to disavow the values embedded in that statue for more than a century now, along with the “Jewess” who wrote them, “it was added later” will do, I guess.

The White House on Wednesday put forward the architect of Donald Trump's most racist, anti-immigrant policies to put a public face on the administration's new all-systems-go nativist push and it was, well, jaw dropping.
Stephen Miller, a former Jeff Sessions staffer, embodied all the pompousness of a former Hill staffer who read a few studies and decided he knew everything about immigration policy—a topic that has flummoxed Congress and presidents alike for several decades. Which studies, you ask? Ones that have either been debunked, like George Borjas's study of what Cuban immigration did to Miami's economy, or ones authored by the SPLC-designated hate group the Center for Immigration Studies.
Under pressure, Miller touted both as a rationale for Trump's support of a new bill sponsored by GOP Sens. Tom Cotton and David Perdue that aims to limit legal immigration into the U.S.
Miller packed a lot of bluster and blasphemy into about 30 minutes at the White House podium, but here's the bottom line: His appearance laid bare the fact that the Trump administration is focusing on immigration as an electoral strategy to divide and conquer.
Miller repeatedly mentioned how "blue collar" workers had suffered at the hands of unskilled immigrant workers who had displaced them. But he made sure to make the appeal about all working-class Americans who, according to his studies, have been dealt a raw deal by immigration.
So you've seen over time as a result of this historic flow of unskilled immigration, a shift in wealth from the working class to wealthier corporations and businesses, and it's been very unfair for American workers, but especially for immigrant workers, African-American workers and Hispanic workers and blue collar workers in general across the country.
What a perfect catchall—if you're black, white, Hispanic, whatever, and identify as “blue collar” or “working class,” you should be mad because you've been dealt a raw deal by immigrants who have taken your jobs and pushed down your wages—according to his studies.
Asked if the administration had any chance of getting this legislation through Congress given an already behind-the-eight-ball packed calendar dedicated to the debt ceiling, the 2018 budget, tax reform, infrastructure, and maybe taking another whack at healthcare repeal, Miller had no answer.
Ultimately we're going to have to have conversations with Senate leadership and House leadership about the steps forward, but this is an issue that we campaigned on, the American people voted for... [blah blah blah]
Translation: No, there's no chance. But it's a great campaign issue.
Miller also went on attack against any reporters in the room searching for real answers. He cited the bogus studies in response to repeated questioning from Glenn Thrush and then he got flummoxed, offering up this gem:
Maybe it's time we have compassion, Glenn, for American workers.
He also dissed the inscription on the Statue of Liberty that reads"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."
There was more, much more. But Trump needs a pound of flesh now that he’s a legislative loser and this is where they are turning.