25 May 2017

TOM PERRIELLO The stakes of this election 24MAI17

Tom Perriello for Governor
TOM PERRIELLO, Democratic candidate for Governor of Virginia, is a strong advocate for the people of Virginia and believes access to health care is a right for all not a privilege for those who can afford it. His position on health care for all Virginians is here, and he speaks out strongly against the health care bill passed by the US House and calls on us to take action against it by contacting our Senators and Representative in D.C. If you prefer to send an e mail instead of calling you can send an e mail to Virginia's Senators Warner and Kaine here and to your US Representative for your district in Virginia here. This from Tom Perriello, and I hope you will check out his campaign website and decide he is the best candidate for Governor and support his campaign by donating and / or volunteering for him. REMEMBER, the primary is Tuesday, 13 JUNE 17, we need you to vote! Democracy is not a spectator sport!!!

The Congressional Budget Office just released the latest report on the devastating impacts of the Republican’s health care bill and I wanted to share them with you. It shows what’s at stake in this election and what we have to fight for.
Under this bill:
  • As many as 23 million Americans will be uninsured.
  • Premiums for many will jump 20% next year.
  • If governors and states accept the waiver, insurers in those states will drop people with pre-existing conditions, and premiums for low-income seniors could go up 800%.
Our likely Republican opponent Ed Gillespie has already gone on the record saying he is open to these waivers, endangering the health care of hundreds of thousands of Virginians. We can’t sit back for a second.
Call your member of Congress tomorrow, call your Senators, visit their local offices, and write a letter if you can. Do everything in your power to fight this bill and make sure they hear from you.
U.S. Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121
Your representative: Representative Barbara Comstock (R)
(202) 225-5136
I will do everything I can now and as Virginia's next governor to fight with you. I know how important and how personal this is for all our families.
Keep fighting,
Tom Perriello