24 September 2016

Weekly Wrap: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week 23SEP16

Weekly Wrap 9.23.16: The 10 Best Stories You Missed This Week

You need this today.
The U.S. could lose $4.7 trillion if every undocumented worker were deported.
The New Jim Crow author says, of her decision, “This is not simply a legal problem, or a political problem, or a policy problem. At its core, America’s journey from slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration raises profound moral and spiritual questions about who we are, individually and collectively, who we aim to become, and what we are willing to do now.”
It’s an average of 17 guns each.
“To me, the getting of this honor is a kind of recognition, obviously a monetary recognition, which is helpful. But it’s also for me the culture saying: We have an investment in dismantling white dominance in our culture.” — Poet Claudia Rankine
The Los Angeles Times is interviewing the latest awardees; see all of the interviews in theJacket Copy section.
Brittany Packnett writes for POLITICO on the organization behind the movement and the ways it’s impacted policy.
Great …
“I have watched Crutcher’s final moments numerous times. I have reminded myself of the injustice of such an event, a senseless killing, and reminded myself of what this incident means for me as a black man in America. And yet what I find most shocking about the video still isn’t how Crutcher died. Rather, it’s how, in his final minutes, he lived.”
“Individuals with aphasia typically have damage to the left hemisphere of their brains, whereas music is largely a function of the right hemisphere … So music can tap into people’s strengths when they have aphasia.” Next step: church choir.