30 September 2016

Viral meme is touching some nerves and may be one of the most powerful quotes this election year 29SEP16

EVEN in 2016 there is a double standard for women who dare venture beyond the roles men are comfortable with them being in, especially leadership roles. The mainstream media is finally acknowledging their coverage of Hillary Clinton has been tainted to say the least.  This meme is the perfect expression of the sexism Hillary has struggled with throughout her presidential campaign...

There it is. This quote by Michelle Vitalize Vitali is as close to perfect as one can get in encapsulating the blatant sexism that has taken place throughout the 2016 election, and the double standards we see being placed on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton —  as well as women everywhere around the world.
“Imagine a woman who showed up [to a presidential debate] unprepared, sniffling like a coke addict and interrupting her opponent 70 times. Let’s further imagine that she had 5 kids by 3 men, was a repeated adulterer, had multiple bankruptcies, paid zero federal taxes and rooted for the housing crisis in which many thousands of families lost their homes. Wait… there’s more: she has never held any elected office in her life.” -Michelle Vitalione (Vitali) 
I wonder how long this imaginary woman would last if she were to seek political office, much less try to hold one. And to become a presidential candidate? Well, perhaps on another planet. How sad, and what does it say about our country that a man like Trump would be able to rise up to the political level he has reached (there’s only one step higher) and yet Hillary would be and is relentlessly scrutinized as she has been? The hypocrisy is out of the park.
I’ve done some internet searches and cannot find “Michelle Vitalione” (Vitali) online, nor can I find the origin of this meme, however it was posted on the Daily Kos Facebook page Thursday morning. Hopefully the author and/or the meme creator will come forward to claim the credit. Meanwhile, please free to add more Trump-Hillary double standards in the comment section. The list could go on and on, but THIS meme  is brilliant (sans the image of Trump which may require eye bleach). Good show, MichelleVitalione (Vitali) wherever and whomever you are. More, please!
Update: Friday, Sep 30, 2016 · 10:07:09 AM EDT · Leslie Salzillo
Good news. The meme mystery is solved. The image was created SaraLynnMichener and she just joined our Daily Kos community to fill us in. In Sara Lynn’s comment below, she reveals she misspelled the name of the woman cited in the viral meme. That spelling should read Michelle Vitali. I have reflected the correct spelling in the story and on the story images. Thank you, SaraLynn and welcome!