14 September 2016

Does Donald Trump Have Some Mysterious Medical Malady? 14SEP16

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HILLARY CLINTON releases her state department e mails, tax returns and medical reports and is still accused by the drumpf/trump campaign and most of the media of hiding too much from the American people. donald drumpf/trump says he will release information on his charitable foundation, his tax returns and his medical records, the media starts drooling in anticipation and then drumpf changes his mind. There have been a small number of reporters who have tired of this game and published articles on drumps income, taxes, charitable donations causing drumpf to attack but fail to release anything to refute these articles. Since he decided not to release his medical records on the dr oz show today one has to wonder 

Does Donald Trump Have Some Mysterious Medical Malady?

SEP. 14, 2016 11:55 AM
You have to hand it to Donald Trump: he's a master showman. When he announced that he would release a full personal medical report on the Dr. Oz show, it was a stroke of genius. The press would eat it up, millions would tune in, and he'd be able to—wait. What's this?
Donald J. Trump on Wednesday scrapped his previously announced plan to go over results from his most recent physical examination in a taped appearance with the television celebrity Dr. Mehmet Oz, aides to the Republican presidential nominee said.
....The appearance on Dr. Oz’s show, announced on Friday, had been anticipated as a potential breakthrough, as Mr. Trump’s aides had said that over the next few days he would release results from a physical examination taken last week. It was unclear when those results will be available after the change in approach with Dr. Oz.
Oh man, now we really want to know what his doctor found in that examination. Bubonic plague? Gout? Some brand new disease that will be labeled Trump Syndrome? This is either the biggest tease in history, or else Trump's months-long innuendo campaign about Hillary Clinton's health has backfired spectacularly. But one thing is certain: we sure as hell all want to see that medical report now.
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