09 September 2016

CiC Forum: Lauer Confirms Double Standard And Sexism Towards Hillary Clinton. & Questions on a curve: Matt Lauer may as well have asked Trump about his summer vacation 8&7SEP16

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WHO knew matt lauer went that way? Obviously hates women, is threatened by them if their's are bigger than his (I bet his are like raisins if they are there at all), no wonder he was so warm and fuzzy with donald, maybe more a daddy figure to matt than a CIC? From +Daily Kos .....
CiC Forum: Lauer Confirms Double Standard And Sexism Towards Hillary Clinton.
Media is rightfully being scorned by his abysmal performance moderating last night’s CiC Forum
the NYT
Granted 30 minutes with each candidate, who appeared back-to-back at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in Manhattan, Mr. Lauer devoted about a third of his time with Mrs. Clinton to questions about her use of a private email server, then seemed to rush through subsequent queries about weighty topics like domestic terror attacks.
When an Army veteran in the audience asked Mrs. Clinton to describe her plan to defeat the Islamic State, Mr. Lauer interjected before the candidate could begin her reply.
“As briefly as you can,” he said, one of several moments where the anchor spoke over Mrs. Clinton to remind her that their time was running short.
Zero deference for the real CiC questions, he wanted to delve in the tedious headlines of emails and “scandal” not letting the candidate finish or sometimes start to express a thought. But then
Mr. Trump stormed onstage in his familiar motor-mouth style, often talking over Mr. Lauer and declining to directly answer many of his questions. At times, Mr. Lauer — who has conducted fewer adversarial interviews with Mr. Trump than his colleagues on NBC’s political desk — appeared flummoxed by his subject’s linguistic feints.
Drawing particular ire was the moment when Mr. Trump asserted, with his usual confidence: “I was totally against the war in Iraq.”
It is on record that that was a lie... Lauer let it pass 
'tweets went on a storm 
'from WaPo
@MLauer should have been prepared to do this during the forum.