17 September 2016

200 actions to #StandWithStandingRock & #NoDAPL Solidarity Support the Indigenous led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline 15SEP16

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THERE were over 200 actions this week in support of the Standing Rock Sioux protest and their legal case against the ndap/north dakota access pipeline. is one of the environmental organizations supporting the people of the Standing Rock Reservation and offer the chance for you to support them by signing a petition to Pres Obama to stop the ndap. (Also note, I clicked the link to donate to the Sacred Stone Camp supply fund, they are no longer accepting donations to their gofundme campaign). You can go to the Sacred Stone Camp website for more information on the Standing Rock Sioux actions and make a donation to their legal fund. You might also consider ending your personal baking / credit card relationship with td bank and citibank and not buy fuel from phillips66, sunoco and marathon.

This week has been incredible. I'm so proud to be part of this big, beautiful movement with you -- here's just the latest reason why:
On Tuesday, more than 200 actions were organized in just a few short days to show our collective solidarity with the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline. From banner-drops in California to main-street rallies in small Midwest towns, to actions as far afield as London and Hawaii -- this movement truly came together to #StandWithStandingRock.
This week's largest rally, in Washington, DC, had over 3,000 people calling on President Obama to stop the pipeline (along with featured speakers like Senator Bernie Sanders, Tara Houska, Van Jones, Chase Iron Eyes, Rev Yearwood, and Jasilyn Charger).
Last week, President Obama blocked the final federal permit needed to build the pipeline. Now, the Administration has opened the door to using a more thorough review process, one that takes climate and tribal consultation into account, like Keystone XL.
What’s happening right now in Standing Rock -- and the simultaneous landowner opposition gathering steam in Iowa -- is a historic display of resistance. In fact, one reporter commented that “the oil industry has never been more scared.”
This isn't the first pipeline we've fought together -- and it won't be the last -- but something special about the Dakota Access uprising has captured the country's imagination. The dedication, moral clarity, and brilliant organizing on the part of Native tribes and Indigenous-led organizations is that something special.
The actions this week have been a powerful show of solidarity, but this fight is definitely not over. Let's keep showing up and standing with the Standing Rock Sioux and everyone fighting this thing on the ground. Right now, the best way to do that is to add your voice:
There's plenty more to do: Join one of the upcoming actions targeting financial institutions that are funding the pipeline here, contribute to efforts on the ground via the Sacred Stone Camp supply fund, the Sacred Stone Camp legal defense fund, or theRed Warrior Camp legal defense fund, or contribute to farmer and landowner organizing efforts in Iowa here.
Dakota Access hasn't seen the last of us. Together, we can stop this pipeline -- and every pipeline after it.
Thank you for everything you do,
Emily for the rest of the team
P.S. Check out some of the social media from this week's #StandWithStandingRock day of action here, and see the best photos from actions around the country here

#NoDAPL Solidarity

Support the Indigenous led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

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We are calling for solidarity actions targeting:
  • The pipeline companies trying to build the Dakota Access Pipeline
  • The financial institutions that are lending the money to build the project
  • Michels Corporation, which is the contractor actually constructing the pipeline
Join an existing action near you, or organize an action of your own.

Companies Behind DAPL
The Dakota Access Pipeline is a project being proposed by a collection of pipeline companies, with a complicated and intertwining structure:
  • Energy Transfer Partners owns a 45% stake in the project
  • Sunoco Logistics Partners owns a 30% stake
  • Phillips 66 owns a 25% stake.
Additionally, Enbridge Energy Partners is attempting to buy a 28% stake in the project and Marathon Petroleum Corp is attempting to buy a 9% stake. These companies are hoping to finalzye this deal by the end of September. We are calling on these companies to pull out of the project or to cancel it outright.
Banks Funding DAPL
The companies building DAPL were able to secure a $2.5 billion loan from a collection of banks to build the pipeline. But the pipeline companies can only access $1.1 billion of this loan until certain progress is made on the pipeline project. So we are calling on these lenders to cut off this line of credit to the pipeline companies and to stop funding the DAPL.
Three of the main lenders are Citigroup, TD Securities and Mizuho Bank.
Michels Corporation
The contractor actually building the pipeline is Michels Corporation, an international company that has worked on several other controversial projects including the Southern Leg of the Keystone XL pipeline. We are calling on Michels to halt construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline until a Environmental Impact Statement on the project is completed and a full consultation with the impacted tribes takes place.
Fredrikson & Byron, 10-Code LLC, G4S and Frost Kennels
We have added the law firm that represents the Dakota Access Pipeline and the security firms that have been hired by the pipeline companies to attack peaceful protestors. We need these institutions to dissociate themselves from the Dakota Access Pipeline and to be held accountable for their dangerous actions.

Below is a map of some of the office locations of these targets. In addition to this map there are these resources: