26 February 2016


Bernie Sanders for President
BERNIE SANDERS doesn't have any super pacs raising money for him.  This political revolution is being funded by the American people.  With Super Tuesday coming up ( 1 MAR 16 ) Bernies' campaign is trying to show the clinton campaign and the DNC he has the support of the people by getting 50,000 people to make a donation. I did, $10.00, and any amount you can donate will go along way to proving Bernie is a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination for president. Go to BERNIE 2016 to donate today!

Bernie Sanders for President

There's no denying this: we're in the most important stretch of the campaign. With 26 primaries and caucuses in the next three weeks, there are almost enough delegates at stake to decide the whole election.
We can't let up. Not now. Not when we're this close.
Bernie doesn't have a super PAC. He doesn't have any millionaires or billionaires who'll step in. But Bernie has you, Craig.
So to show our strength to the billionaire class, we made a goal of our supporters making 50,000 individual contributions all in one day. Can Bernie count on you to hit our goal today? We're still short right now.
Make another contribution right now to help us reach our goal of 50,000 individual contributions today.
Help us reach 50,000 individual contributions today! Add yours now.