04 January 2016

Pennsylvania man hurls vile, racist insults at cameraman and protesters, promptly gets swift justice 30DEZ15

 Unidentified Pennsylvania man hurling insults at a black cameraman
This person makes me sick, and at the same time I feel sorry for him for being so proud of his ignorance. I also hope he never breeds. At least his company did the right thing and got rid of him, well done MMC Land management! From +Daily Kos .....

As the video starts, Pisone is chastising the protesters, questioning if they’ve ever had a job. Only seconds later, he turns to cameraman Tom Jefferson (who is black) and let’s loose a vulgar string of obscenities:
Pisone: This chimp right here (pointing at the camera).
Unidentified protester: What did you say?
Pisone: Yeah, chimp. This fucking nigger right here with a mop on his head.
Protestors: You better get out of here!
Pisone: I don’t give a fuck. He’s milking my fucking tax dollars.
Protestors: You better leave! You better get out now!
Pisone: I don’t give a fuck what you have to say.
He repeatedly made monkey noises at the cameraman and continued his racist rant (seen in the video below).
Tom Jefferson uploaded to the video to YouTube and it didn’t take long for outraged internet sleuths to contact his employer, MMC Land Management, who promptly fired John Pisone, releasing the following statement:
Today, we were disgusted to learn that one of MMC’s former employees used racial slurs and made racially charged comments during a peaceful protest in Mars, Pennsylvania, outside of work hours at a location with which we have no affiliation. We are sorry that this incident occurred. Whether at work or not, we do not condone hate speech - EVER. Inclusion and diversity are among MMC’s core values. We believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. MMC has terminated this employee and will never do business with him again in the future.
Looks like good ol’ boy John Pisone is going to be milking our tax dollars in the near future as he is going to have a hard time finding employment now. And for good reason.
Warning—the language in the video below is as racist and vile as they come:

One Of The Many Face of Racism in America 

 Published on Dec 27, 2015

I was photographing a peaceful protest aimed at Rex Energy in Mars, Pa, At one point during the day a worker showed up. He started by insulting the protesters. Then he turned his attention to me. I just let him talk and kept the camera rolling.