23 May 2013


A Christian nation shouldn't tolerate this kind of economic inequality and insecurity....

“My daughters have to choose between money they need for food and rent and the needs of their children.”
That’s just one of hundreds of stories that UltraViolet members have shared about living with economic insecurity. And it’s one millions of Americans can also relate to. Someone working full-time on minimum wage only makes $14,500 a year--just think about trying to pay rent, buy groceries, and afford health care on that.1
Last week, we asked UltraViolet members what a 21st century pro-family economic agenda looked like. Over 11,000 of you responded, and you were clear: we need child care, equal pay, paid family leave, and a higher minimum wage. Of those of you who told us about the benefits available to you, only 30% reported making a livable wage, 40% had paid sick leave, and only 8% reported having access to child care at work.
We created this infographic to spread the word about these issues and to connect your personal stories with facts and figures showing the immense scope of these problems. Will you share it with your friends? The more people who see it, the more energy we’ll create to make minimum wage a livable wage, to pass family friendly policies, to make child care affordable, and to ensure men and women are paid equally for the same work.
Non-Sexist Grocery Guide
Thanks for all you do,
--Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Karin and Malinda, the UltraViolet team
P.S. Folks in Oklahoma need our help after Monday's tornadoes. If you want to help people affected, donate to the Red Cross's disaster relief fundor to Feeding America's disaster relief efforts.

1. Fair Pay for Women Requires Increasing the Minimum Wage and Tipped Minimum Wage, National Women's Law Center, Thursday, March 20, 2013