17 February 2017


REP debbie wasserman-schultz D FL played a major role in the Democrat's loss of the 2016 Presidential election. She encouraged corporate America to buy their way into the party and directed that money to the Clinton campaign to the detriment of the Sanders campaign. She also used money, power as the DNC chair and access to party offices to manipulate delegates to support the Clinton campaign. She is a corrupt, conniving, back stabbing fotze that guided the party to turn it's back on the American people. Rep Keith Ellison D MN is nothing like Fotze debbie wasserman-schultz. He was elected in 2007 and re-elected because he represents all the people of Minnesota's  5th Congressional District and works to represent the best interest of all Americans in Washington, D.C. He is a Bold Progressive endorsed by the PCCC / Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Our Revolution, Democracy Spring, +Senator Elizabeth Warren D MA, +Senator Bernie Sanders , Senate Democratic Leader Sen Chuck Schumer D NY and many others.  He has not been bought and paid for by corporate America, wall street, the bank-financial cabal or the military-industrial complex. He is a Democrat committed to the American people, to fair and transparent politics, and though it may sound corny, to a government of, for and by the people. +Representative Keith Ellison is exactly who the Democratic Party needs as  their next Chair. If your senator(s) are Democrat(s) contact them here, if your representative is a Democrat contact them here and tell them you want then to elect Rep Keith Ellison to be the next Chair of the DNC when they vote on 25 FEB 17. And please sign the petition from Democracy Spring below.

I just wanted to make sure you saw that—after an overwhelming 91.6% of our base voted to support him—we are endorsing Keith Ellison as the next DNC Chair and taking the next nine days to help get him elected by putting direct pressure on voting members of the DNC. 

Click here to sign the petition in support of Keith Ellison.Click here to organize a mini-rally & delegation or volunteer in your state.Solidarity,
Curt & the DS Team

It is a dark time for democracy. Just since 2017 began, 46 new voter suppression bills have been introduced in 21 states across the country. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee looks poised to not only uphold Citizens United, but to abolish campaign contribution limits altogether. His administration is making daily headlines assaulting the foundations of our democracy: free and fair elections, religious liberty, a free and independent press, and a federal court system that can stand up to executive abuse.
It will take nothing short of a massive people’s movement to stand up against this kind of unprecedented threat to our republic.
And critically, it will take bold new leadership within the opposition’s party. That’s why — after receiving overwhelming support from our volunteer leadership and supporter base — we are proud to endorse Keith Ellison as the next DNC Chair.

On February 25th, 446 members of the National Democratic Committee (DNC) will decide who will lead the Democrats’ resistance to Trump. If we want a true pro-reform progressive populist leading the pack, we need Keith Ellison as the next DNC Chair. Keith is committed to an unapologetically progressive agenda and is a staunch democracy defender. He supports the ban on corporate lobby money to fund the DNC; he’s consistently spoken out about the need to get money out of politics by overturning Citizens United and enacting a system of publicly funded elections; and he’s been a fierce advocate for protecting and expanding voting rights.
Let’s be real here: We need to force the Democratic Party to break with Big Money and represent everyday working people, not wealthy campaign contributors or corporate lobbyists. Right now, that means putting direct pressure on members of the DNC to listen to their progressive base and vote for Ellison as the next DNC chair. It means organizing delegations and showing up at DNC members’ offices to tell them why Ellison is the people’s choice. And it means burning up the phone lines with that message.
In a matter of weeks, we will be releasing a new long-term Grand Strategy that will help guide our democracy movement through the era of Trump. But here’s a preview: we have to to make sure that 2018 and 2020 do not even faintly resemble 2016. We have to do everything we can to shift the political weather so that pro-reform progressive candidates are taking back the reigns of government with a popular mandate to enact sweeping reforms to end the corruption of big money in politics and guarantee the universal right to vote.
We have an important and concrete step to take right now to advance this strategy: push to elect Keith Ellison as DNC chair.
Forward together,
The Democracy Spring Team

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