01 April 2016

Watch and SHARE: Hillary Clinton Loses Patience With Greenpeace Activist Over Fossil Fuel Donations 1APR16

The Greenpeace A.E. Bates thermal airship flies over Seattle, Washington, with Mount Rainier in the background on March 25, 2016 urging Hillary Clinton to reject fossil fuel money in her campaign. The Democratic caucuses are March 26, 2016. Photo by Marcus Donner / Greenpeace.

hillary clinton lied about campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry as seen in this video. She needs her campaign to divest from donations from the fossil fuel industry and she should return all contributions she and her affiliated super-pacs have received is she is really committed to fighting climate change and promoting renewable, clean energy. From +Greenpeace USA .....

I went to the Hillary Clinton rally because I care deeply about protecting our democracy from fossil fuel interests. 

I had one question for Hillary: “Will you act on your words and reject future fossil fuel money in your campaign?” 

I was genuinely shocked by her response. Please watch and share the video here:

Hillary Clinton Loses Patience with Greenpeace Activist Over Fossil Fuel Donations

While Clinton claims in this video to have taken money from “people who work for fossil fuel companies,” the reality is that her campaign and the Super PAC supporting her have received more than $4.5 million from the fossil fuel industry.
We deserve a democracy that listens to the people, not corporate polluters. If you agree, then SHARE this video far and wide!
Greenpeace USA, along with 20 other organizations, launched the pledge to #FixDemocracy, asking all presidential candidates to reject future fossil fuel contributions, champion campaign finance reform, and defend the right to vote for all. Bernie Sanders immediately signed the pledge. Hillary Clinton and the Republican candidates have not. 

I didn’t ask this question to annoy or discredit Hillary — I just want to know if we can trust her to truly listen to the people if she wins the office. But as long as candidates are taking large sums of money from fossil fuel interests, I feel very uncomfortable trusting them to do the right thing for our climate. Runaway climate change will put everyone on the planet at risk — but fossil fuel companies are still searching for more places to drill, frack, and mine — and more politicians that will let them do it! 

If you’re concerned about fossil fuel money in our democracy, please watch and share this clip today. Together, we can #FixDemocracy.

Thank you, 

Eva Resnick-Day 
Organizer, Greenpeace USA 

P.S. Thank you for being one of the thousands to sign our pledge asking candidates to protect our democracy. Please, share this video and spread the word today.