26 February 2016


Bernie Sanders for President
FRACKING, hillary accepts campaign contributions from hedge funds that invest in companies involved in fracking. Bernie doesn't. Think about that and clean water when considering who you are going to vote for on Super Tuesday, 1 MAR 16 and if you want more on Bernie's campaign, to join the political revolution and / or make a donation go to his campaign website here.
Just days before the Iowa caucus, Hillary Clinton left the campaign trail for a high-dollar fundraiser at a hedge fund. That same hedge fund is a major investor in fracking, an incredibly destructive practice of extracting natural gas by pumping hundreds of secret chemicals into the ground.
Hillary Clinton supports fracking. I do not.
And just as I believe you can't take on Wall Street while taking their money, I don't believe you can take on climate change effectively while taking money from those who would profit off the destruction of the planet.
Dick Cheney pushed through changes to the Safe Drinking Water Act that legalized fracking, despite the fact that fracking companies keep the chemicals they pump into the ground a secret.
People who live near fracking locations no longer have drinkable water, and in some cases their tap water is actually flammable. Oklahoma has even seen a rash of earthquakes that many believe are a result of fracking.
In short, fracking is a disaster for the planet.
We need a president who is not beholden to special interests and who will do everything in his or her power to fight the effects of climate change. It's clear that to elect that kind of president, millions of people need to come together and chip in whatever they can.
We can’t afford to let people who would destroy our planet elect our next president.
Thank you for your support.
In solidarity,
Bernie Sanders