03 December 2015

What if gun control is God's answer to Republican prayers? & Pray, Yes. But Then Act. 3DEZ15

PRAYER SHAMING. I know there are many faithful Christians and people of other faiths who send heartfelt, sincere prayers to God for the victims and families when there is another mass shooting. And I know there are many hypocritical politicians and community leaders who stand in front of the TV cameras and radio mics and declare their horror and sorrow over the mass shooting and publicly offer their prayers. I really doubt most of them actually pray for the victims and families. As soon as news of another mass shooting is out I think they are activating their game plan to quash criticism of their being controlled by the nra and their opposition to any gun control. They are like the pharisee Christ pointed out as a hypocrite because of his loud, public prayers. I think if these people actually prayed for the victims and families of gun violence they might hear God tell them the answer to help prevent these tragedies is gun control. This well written piece from +Daily Kos & +Sojourners ....