08 October 2015

Home Depot customer with a concealed handgun opened fire on shoplifting suspect & DAILY KOS RECOMMENDED 7OKT15

Wed Oct 07, 2015 at 08:19 AM PDT

Home Depot customer with a concealed handgun opened fire on shoplifting suspect

Back view of woman holding gun isolated on white background
Back view of woman holding a gun.
Apparently a Michigan woman with a conceal-carry permit and a loaded handgun thought it was her duty to step in and help a Home Depot employee stop a suspected shoplifter. Did she follow their car? Nope. She opened fired on the suspected shoplifter's SUV as they drove out of the parking lot:
A 47- year-old Clarkston woman in the parking lot witnessed one of the store’s loss prevention officers trying to stop a shoplifting suspect getting into a dark colored SUV. The customer — identified as a concealed pistol license holder — reportedly fired shots at the dark-colored SUV as it sped out of the lot. It’s unknown how many rounds were fired from her 9mm handgun, but police believe she hit and flattened one of the vehicle’s rear tires as it sped off in the direction of Brown Road.
It was not known if anyone was injured in the incident. The customer remained on the scene and was cooperating with police. A report is to be turned over to the county prosecutor for review of possible charges, if any, on the woman.
Possible charges? I'd say so. An conceal-carry permit does not make one deputized. Even if she were deputized, shoplifting does not warrant a death penalty. Not to mention the fact that other customers and innocent people merely passing by could've been injured or killed with her reckless behavior.

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