08 July 2017

Russian Authorities Raid Campaign Office of Prominent Kremlin Critic & White House Panel Asks States For Their Voter Rolls 7JUL&29JUN17

NOT MY pres drumpf/trump told putin he was honored to meet with him. Outrageous, but not surprising because drumpf/trump has expressed his admiration of putin's dictatorial rule of Russia many times. The drumpf/trump-pence administration is working to establish the same kind of authoritarian oligarchy that controls Russia in the U.S. putin ruthlessly represses all political opposition by restricting the press, raiding political opposition offices, jailing opposition activist and leaders and sanctioning the murder of pro-democracy reporters, politicians and activist. drumpf/trump-pence do not have that power yet but NOT MY vice-pres pence is in charge of the most aggressive voter suppression campaign on a national level in our country's history justifying it by the administrations claims on charges of non-existent voter fraud . From +Democracy Now! and +NPR 

Russian Authorities Raid Campaign Office of Prominent Kremlin Critic

And in Moscow, Russian authorities raided the office of prominent anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny Thursday, confiscating election pamphlets ahead of campaign events scheduled for Saturday. The raid came as Navalny is set to be released from jail, after he was arrested in June for leading mass demonstrations in more than 100 Russian cities against government corruption. The June protests drew a harsh crackdown by Russian police, who beat demonstrators and arrested more than 1,000. Russian officials say Navalny’s arrest disqualifies his bid to challenge Vladimir Putin for the presidency. On Thursday, Navalny’s campaign chair vowed the candidate would fight on.
Nikolai Lyaskin: "Over the weekend, we plan to hold a major campaign event, which includes distributing our leaflets, holding pickets, displaying information about our campaign. And the authorities are trying to disrupt it. The authorities simply don’t want Alexei Navalny to campaign. But this will not stop us. No matter what, we will campaign."

Vice President Pence's Office Plans to Control Voter Roll Data

JUL 07, 2017
The Trump administration told a federal judge Thursday it plans to keep voter roll data it has requested from all 50 states on White House computers controlled by Vice President Mike Pence. The disclosure came after the Electronic Privacy Information Center sued to halt the requests for voter data made by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach as part of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Kobach’s request would gather the names, addresses, birth dates, Social Security numbers, party affiliations and felony conviction records of virtually all U.S. voters. Critics say the White House plans to use the data for large-scale voter suppression, and at least 44 states have said they will not fully comply with Kobach’s request.

White House Panel Asks States For Their Voter Rolls

A letter from Kris Kobach, the vice chairman of a White House commission looking into voter fraud and other irregularities, is drawing fire from some state election officials. The letter, sent Wednesday to all 50 states, requests that all publicly available voter roll data be sent to the White House by July 14, five days before the panel's first meeting.
The information requested includes the names, addresses, birthdates, political party (if recorded), last four digits of the voter's Social Security Number and which elections the voter has participated in since 2006, for every registered voter in the country.
Kobach, who is also Kansas' Republican secretary of state, did not say how the commission plans to use the data other than to help it "fully analyze vulnerabilities and issues related to voter registration and voting."
However, Kobach has long advocated comparing state voter rolls with other government databases to identify noncitizens or other illegitimate registrants. Voter advocacy groups say such comparisons are prone to error and worry that the effort will result in legitimate voters being purged from the rolls.

The bipartisan commission — chaired by Vice President Pence — was established by President Trump after he made his widely dismissed allegations that as many as 5 million people voted illegally last November. Its stated purpose is to recommend ways to improve the public's confidence in the integrity of elections.
But in response to Kobach's letter, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla said Thursday that he would not provide sensitive voter information to the commission.
"California's participation would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud made by the President, the Vice President, and Mr. Kobach," Padilla, a Democrat, said in a statement.
Connecticut Secretary of State Denise Merrill also released a statement, saying that she would share publicly available data with the commission but complaining about a "lack of openness" about what the panel is looking for. Merrill cited past legal challenges to Kobach's efforts to clean up voter rolls in Kansas, which have led to some eligible voters being removed from registration lists.
"Given Secretary Kobach's history we find it very difficult to have confidence in the work of this commission," said Merrill, a Democrat and outgoing president of the National Association of Secretaries of State.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach's letter on behalf of the White House's voting security commission has drawn criticism from some state officials.
John Hanna/AP
A spokeswoman for the association said the secretaries will almost certainly discuss Kobach's controversial request at their summer conference next week in Indianapolis.
The commission, which has yet to meet, has been viewed with suspicion from the start by civil rights groups, which think it will be used to justify measures — such as strict ID requirements — that will make it more difficult to vote.
Vanita Gupta, who headed the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department during the Obama administration, said in a tweet that the letter confirms that "Pence and Kobach are laying the groundwork for voter suppression, plain & simple."
However, Kobach's letter also seeks recommendations from state officials on other issues, including how to prevent voter intimidation and disenfranchisement. It also asks how the commission can help with information technology security and vulnerabilities, a growing concern after reports of widespread Russian efforts to hack into U.S. election systems last year.
New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, one of four Democrats on the commission, told WMUR reporter John DiStaso on Wednesday that he was impressed that Pence made it clear in a phone call with panel members earlier in the day that they would work on a bipartisan basis "with no preconceived notion and we should search for the facts."
After that call, the White House released a statement saying that Pence told commissioners: "The integrity of the vote is a foundation of our democracy; this bipartisan commission will review ways to strengthen that integrity in order to protect and preserve the principle of one person, one vote."

Democracy Now! Daily Digest 7JUL17

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Friday, July 7, 2017


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Flying Pigs on Parade: A Chicago River Folly

New World Design is fabricating flying pigs block the Trump sign for one day. (Courtesy New World Design Ltd)
PIGS! Such an appropriate symbol for the drumpf/trump-pence administration! 

This is really happening. Late last year Chicago-based New World Design proposed Flying Pigs on Parade: A Chicago River Folly, an installation of four golden flying pigs directly in front of the Trump sign on the Trump International Hotel and Tower.
After receiving permission from Roger Waters, co-founder, bassist, and lead songwriter of Pink Floyd, New World Design will reproduce the same pig used for the iconic Pink Floyd photo shoot over Battersea Park Power Station, London, for the Animals album cover. This time the pigs will be gold. The helium-filled balloons will then be floated, single file, from a construction barge in the Chicago River at just such a height to obscure the 20-foot-by-141-foot Trump sign. The single day installation is expected to be launched in late August or early September.
The Trump sign (and eventually the Flying Pigs) is positioned on one of the city’s most visible axes. (Courtesy New World Design Ltd)
The pigs hold multiple meanings and make a number of pop culture references, most clearly to the 1977 Pink Floyd album cover and George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Other references include Trump’s alleged “Miss Piggy” comment directed at a former Miss Universe and the gold so often used in Trump’s interior design.
“The design follows meticulous rationale in imparting layers of meaning but ultimately allows for interpretation by individual viewers,” said Jeffrey Roberts, partner at New World Design.
The Trump Tower has become a lightning rod for protest since the election. The base of the tower has been the site of multiple peaceful demonstrations, and the Honorary Trump Plaza sign, which marked Wabash Avenue in front of the tower, was removed some months ago. On any given day, tourists can be seen across the river taking selfies of themselves giving the building the middle finger.
Flying Pigs in front of Trump sign
The Flying Pigs will be tethered to a construction barge in the Chicago River. This early rendering shows their obstruction placement. (Courtesy New World Design Ltd)
As reported by the Chicago Tribune, another consequence of Trump’s lack of popularity in Chicago has been slowed condo sales. Currently, over 50 condos in the Tower are on the market. That is nearly three times that of any similar tower in the city.
“We are a small group of designers creating visual commentary on the inflammatory nature of our current political environment. We are not radicals. We see design as our path to building and reinforcing a community of more rational, optimistic and inclusive minds,” said Roberts.
The pigs and the protests are all happening in a public way, peacefully. So it would seem that the targeting of the tower by scornful Chicagoans is not going to stop anytime soon. Not even when pigs fly.

07 July 2017

Меркель, похоже, закатывает глаза на Путина, и Интернет не может получить достаточно 7 июля 17

Результат изображения для изображения Анджела МеркельРезультат изображения для изображения Анджела Меркель
Я ЛЮБЛЮ канцлер Ангела Меркель! Она является лидером в Германии и ее собственной дамой , а не запугать подобными путина или НЕ МОЕ прес drumpf / козырь! Из Washington Post ..... 
Меркель кажется закатить глаза на Путине, и Интернет не может получить достаточно
Поскольку мир рассмотрел первое  лицо к лицу  встречи между президентом Trump и президентом России Владимиром Путиным в Группе 20 саммита, Интернет обратил свое внимание на другое взаимодействие между двумя мировыми лидерами.
Камеры захватили откровенный обмен между Путиным и канцлером Германии Ангелой Меркель - тот , который , как юмористический , как это мимолетно. Путин, с одной стороны , в его кармане , а другой выразительно жестикулируя, по- видимому, обсуждать тему , что Меркель , кажется, найти менее клепки на основе ее реакции. Там сильный шанс два говорил на немецком языке . Путин  работал  в Восточной Германии с 1985 по 1990 год и говорит языком.
Интернет, не теряя времени в угадывании разговора темы, которая побудила рулон глаза Меркель.
Это не первый неловкий момент Меркель и Путин разделили. В 2014 году житель Нью - Йорк  профиля  на Меркель , которая исследует ее отношения с Путиным, Джордж Пакер писал , что Путин привел свою собаку на встречу 2007 года с Меркель, которая боится собак.
В 2007 году в ходе обсуждения энергетических поставок в резиденции российского президента в Сочи, Путин вызвал его черную лабораторию, Кони, в комнату, где он и Меркель сидело. По мере того как собака подошла и понюхал ее, Меркель замер, явно напуган. Она укусила один раз, в 1995 году, и ее страх собак не мог ускользнуть Путин, который сидел и наслаждался моментом, широко расставив ноги. «Я уверен, что он будет вести себя,» сказал он. Меркель имели присутствие духа, чтобы ответить, в России, «Он не ест журналист, в конце концов.» Немецкая пресса корпус был в ярости от ее имени - «готов ударить Путин», в соответствии с репортером, который присутствовал. Позже Меркель интерпретированы поведение Путина. «Я понимаю, почему он должен сделать это, чтобы доказать, что он мужчина,» сказала она группе журналистов. «Он боится своей собственной слабости. Россия не имеет ничего, нет успешных политика или экономика. Все они имеют это.