08 June 2017

TOM PERRIELLO FOR GOVERNOR (VA) "Sic semper tyrannis" 8JUN17 (video)

THE Democratic primary is Tuesday, 13 JUN 17, polls are open from 0600 / 6:00 AM to 1900 / 7:00 PM. VOTE, because Democracy is not a spectator sport, and please vote for Tom Perriello!!!!

Tom Perriello for Governor

Virginia was born out of a struggle against tyranny. It’s in our motto -- “sic semper tyrannis.”
It’s what motivated me to become a human rights lawyer and diplomat challenging authoritarians overseas, but I never expected to face this moment back home.
Today, as former FBI Director James Comey speaks before Congress I want to say to you: Donald Trump’s abuse of power is very real. But so is the power of principled resistance. The power of people to protect our institutions and values.
We’ve all been part of an inspiring wave of patriotic protest to Donald Trump’s authoritarian tendencies -- from the Women’s March to airport protests to record activism directed at members of Congress.