09 June 2017

Republican Candidate Tries to Ask Jon Ossoff a Gotcha Question—and It Explodes in Her Face 8JUN17

WHAT a victory it will be if Jon Ossoff actually wins this election in Georgia's 6th Congressional district. The race is very tight, and that in alone says the nation is having second thoughts about the results of the 2016 Presidential election. karen handel r shows what kind of rep she will be for the people of the district in this exchange during the debate with Jon Ossoff D, another republican who will place party 1st and America 2nd. From AlterNet......

Republican Candidate Tries to Ask Jon Ossoff a Gotcha Question—and It Explodes in Her Face

Karen Handel stepped on a land mine during Georgia's special election debate Wednesday.
This week Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel faced off in their first Special Election Debate for Georgia’s District 06 seat. Handel has been running scared for some time—since running as a Republican these days is like wearing a gasoline body spray at a factory that only produces sparks. At one point, the candidates were allowed to ask one another a question. Handel, having virtually nothing worthwhile to stand on as a candidate herself, decided to try to push the Republican narrative that Jon Ossoff is some carpet-bagging elitist who is going to turn your kids into musical theatre dancers with newfangled iPhones and solar energy lust.
Handel: So Jon, I guess what I would like to know is exactly who are you going to vote for in this election?
You see what Handel did there is come up with a soundbite that attacks Ossoff for living outside of the district he’s running in but grew up in and plans on returning to when his fiancé—with whom he’s living—finishes medical school. Handel seemed rather proud of herself until Ossoff began explaining that people like Handel (or any Republican for that matter) would do best not to point out other people’s “flaws” when their own flaws are the same—or worse.
Ossoff: Well, I think Secretary Handel is referring to my residence, which is a matter that I have addressed transparently throughout this campaign. I grew up in the Sixth Congressional District. I was born and raised in Georgia, unlike Secretary Handel who was born and raised in Washington, D.C. I live across from Emory University to support my fiancé while she finishes medical school. I’m proud to be supporting her career—even if I take a little political heat for it. Secretary Handel, born in Washington, D.C. seems to have spent much of her career determined to return.And it’s typical of a career politician to focus on an issue like this, rather than the issues of concern to the people of the 6th District.