10 June 2017

Can't Stop Won't Stop! We Are Still In the Paris Agreement -- Sign today!Tell the 194 Countries Committed to the Paris Agreement that You're Still In 10JUN17

THE drumpf/trump-pence administration's decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement is another example of their immorality, greed and corruption. This shows just how much the White House is in collusion with big oil, gas and coal to the detriment of renewable energy development in the U.S. Fortunately the rest of the world does not share drumpf/trump-pence's ignorance and here is your opportunity to tell the world and American local, state and national elected officials and business leaders you still support the Paris Climate Agreement and expect them to take the necessary actions to keep America in compliance in spite of the drumpf/trump-pence administration, just click the link. From LCV / League Of Conservation Voters......

Trump is out, but we’re still in! Add your name and show the nearly 200 countries committed to the Paris Climate Agreement that you are STILL IN »

Tell the World: We’re STILL IN

We, the undersigned people of the United States, will continue to support climate action to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.
We have no time to lose.

Trump’s utterly disastrous decision to remove the U.S. from Paris threatens our security, our public health and welfare, our economic prosperity, and our clean energy industry, which supports millions of U.S. jobs. It threatens the air we breathe and the water we drink. It threatens our ecosystems and disproportionately affects the most vulnerable people on our planet.

With this historic mistake, Trump has now added the US to a tiny list of only two other countries, Syria and Nicaragua, who have not signed on. Trump has removed us from a seat at the table of global climate action. But despite Trump, governors, mayors, businesses, investors, and universities across the country have started collaborating in unprecedented ways to work toward the goals of the Paris Agreement. They're still in, and we are, too. Join us and the millions of other Americans who believe in climate action by signing on to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

The world condemns Trump’s removal of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Sign today to stand with Paris and climate action »

In the last week since Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, the world, and the American people, have been pushing back. The governor of Hawaii just signed a law aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement. The governor of California went to China to sign an agreement to keep working together to lower emissions and move forward on climate action.

Once again, it is the people who are resisting Trump’s terrible decision, which puts our climate, public health, and communities at risk. Our resistance has been effective in so many ways — from blocking the travel ban to stopping the border wall — let’s keep using it to save the planet from climate change.

Signing on to #IAmStillIn lets the world know we’re with them in this fight to keep the planet from warming 2 degrees Celsius, beyond the point of no return. We must make sure, for ourselves and future generations, that we move forward with the Paris Climate Agreement’s goals to stop climate change in its tracks, no matter what Trump does.

SIGN: Climate change is here and so are we. So we’ll move forward with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, no matter what Trump does »

The world is moving forward on climate action, even if Trump isn’t. Raise your voice and say #IAmStillIn today!

Thank you for all you do.

Kristin Brown
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters
I commit to:
  1. Reduce my own carbon emissions and do what I can through everyday actions such as taking public transportation or carpooling, making my home more energy efficient, switching my home electricity to renewable sources, and limiting food waste.
  2. Support U.S. states, cities, businesses, investors, universities, and other entities taking strong climate action and showing the world that the United States is still working to fulfill the Paris Agreement - and call on others to join them.
  3. Urge President Trump to keep the United States in the Paris Agreement and protect federal safeguards for our health and environment from regulatory rollbacks and budget cuts.
  4. Call on Congress to hold polluters accountable and oppose any efforts to weaken the environmental protections and climate policies that protect our health and well-being.
The people of the United States remain dedicated to creating a just, clean energy future. Together, we will protect the prosperity, security, and health and welfare of our country and the planet.
The American People Support the Paris Agreement
Climate change is a serious threat to the economic prosperity, national security, and public health and welfare of the United States and nations around the globe. That’s why more than 190 nations came together in 2015 to create the Paris Agreement, a historic pact to curb carbon pollution and avoid the worst impacts of climate change before it’s too late.

On June 1, 2017, President Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement. This decision creates grave risks for the American people and the planet.

Fortunately, states, cities, businesses, investors, colleges, universities, and others are working together to take up the mantle of climate leadership in the United States. They account for a considerable percentage of the U.S. economy and U.S. emissions—and they are working together to achieve the clean energy vision of the Paris Agreement.

They are still in, and we are, too.

President Trump’s decision does not represent the will of the American people or the direction of our country. The majority of Americans support the Paris Agreement—including the majority of Americans in every state. Meanwhile, clean energy capacity and clean energy jobs continue to grow—and continue to support our economy.

We are telling the world and our leaders at all levels of government that we support the Paris Agreement and stand with people everywhere in the fight against climate change.

We call on U.S. states, cities, businesses, investors, colleges, and universities to pursue ambitious climate goals and make sure that the rest of the world understands that the United States remains a climate leader, regardless of the actions of the federal government.

We applaud the leadership of these subnational entities and we encourage them to work together to determine their collective emissions reduction potential, set an ambitious climate goal, and strive to meet it.

As individuals, we will work to reduce our carbon emissions and support the global climate movement.

The people of the United States remain dedicated to creating a clean energy future. Together, we will protect the prosperity, security, and health and welfare of our country and the planet.