07 April 2017

'Stay out of Syria': What Donald Trump's old tweets say & a look back at the politics of the 2013 Syrian chemical weapos attack 7APR17

THERE is glaring hypocrisy in (NOT MY) president donald drumpf's/trump's action against Syria. In a series of tweets he referred to Pres Obama, when he was considering military action against Syria for using chemical weapons, as a "foolish leader" (so what does that make drumpf/trump?) and pointed out Obama needed congressional approval for any military action in and against Syria (a requirement drumpf/trump has been ignoring since his inauguration). The knee-jerk reaction of  the drumpf/trump-pence administration to assad's heinous crimes against innocent civilians is confirmation of just how unstable drumpf/trump is and the risk he poses to our nation and the world. Just consider how our military actions in Iraq and Libya have turned out and the quagmire Afghanistan is and then explain how Syria will be any different. This from Aljazeera.....and check out 

Breaking down the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Syria vote & Senate committee approves resolution authorizing U.S. strike on Syria 4SEP13

'Stay out of Syria': What Donald Trump's old tweets say

Three and a half years ago, Obama threatened attacking Assad's forces for previous chemical attacks, but Trump disagreed.

US President Donald Trump's decision to strike a Syrian government base in retaliation for what it said was a chemical attack comes four years after his predecessor, Barack Obama, faced a similar challenge in Syria - and chose to back down.
A suspected poison gas attack on Tuesday in the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria's Idlib province killed at least 86 people, including 27 children.
Trump accused Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of having "choked" his own citizens, and said the situation had been by the inaction of the previous Obama administration.
However, when Obama had vowed that the use of such weapons would "change my calculus" to justify military intervention in Syria, Trump repeatedly took to Twitter to heavily criticise him - and called him a "foolish leader".
Here is a selection of tweets by Trump about US intervention in Syria before becoming president.