28 April 2017

Donald Trump describing his then 1-year-old daughter is the most cringe-worthy video of him yet 6APR2016

Wait! You're 1-year-old daughter's best attributes are what?

YES, this is just over a year old, but it is worth posting again to remind America there are perverts,  sexual predators (and closeted pedophiles?), misogynous pigs in the office of president and vice-president (yes, mike pence too because he knows what donald drumpf/trump is and still agreed to be vp). This is disgusting, and Trevor Noah is correct to warn people to think twice before handing their babies to drumpf/trump (or pence). 
Donald Trump describing his then 1-year-old daughter is the most cringe-worthy video of him yet
The Daily Show researchers unearthed an old clip of Donald Trump appearing on the ultra-cheezy and enormously popular 80s television show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. After Trevor Noah shared clips of Trump saying grossly sexist and misogynistic about numerous women, he turns to the vintage footage.
Sitting with his second wife, Marla Maples, host Robin Leach asks Donald “what does Tiffany (their then 1-year-old daughter) have of yours and what does she have of Marla’s?” Maybe you are thinking her eyes? Her smile? Nope. His response is nothing short of cringe-worthy. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:
Well, I think she’s got a lot of Marla and she’s a really beautiful baby. And she’s, uh, she’s got, uh, she’s got Marla’s legs. We don’t know whether or not she’s got this part yet (puts hands over breast area), but time will tell.
Oh, my. Yes, Donald Trump bragged about his 1-year-old daughter’s legs and prospective breasts. Just gross. Watch the whole cringe-worthy segment HERE